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The newly appointed Head of Operations of the Joint Tax Board (JTB) In Boki LGA, Mr Etta Friday Osang have raise an alarm of the rate of illegal papers, checkpoints ticketing and hollages by youths in Boki, Cross River State. 

This was said in an interview with Praise Otuson, a correspondent with Boki Blog, Mr. Osang who has been appointed by the State Governor, Senator Prince Bassey Otu had also charged the youths to shun all forms of illegality and embrace farming as well as other creative start-ups.

Below are excerpts from the Interview;


Can we know you sir?

My name is Etta Friday Osang, from Abo-Emeh in Abo Ward of Boki Local Government Area, Cross River State, Nigeria

Can you say something about your family?

I'm a family man, a married man with four kids, three sons and a daughter.

So what do you do for a living sir?

I'm a timber dealer, I'm a politician, and I'm a farmer.

Can you tell me about your political life?

Yes, I'm a member of APC, precisely right now, in all imagination I'm the head of operations, JTB, Boki Local Government Area.

How do you feel about your appointment and hope you are up to the task?

Yes, really the appointment is a nice appointment, it's to sanitise Cross River State and our constituency at large, over all this multiple illegal papers printed by our youths so I advice the youths not to go into that because if they go into illegality its not good. They will be arrested, and handed  over to the security agencies. I advice them to go into businesses, into farming, we have forests in Boki, boki is not a land that for anyone should be poor. If you are eventually poor then you choose to be poor. Because we have so many resources to make it in life.

We have the forest, you can go into farming cocoa, banana, plantain, we have timbers, you can go into it as well, and if you don't know how to start, then we that are in the system can advice them and show them the way. A legal way not the way the is illegal and the government don't want. Because when you are involved in Illegality, it means you're fighting against the government, fighting against the local government, the state and the Federal government, of which won't land you well, so I advice all the youths to focus their attention not only in government appointment of civil service, we should also do ourselve a favour by going into farming and businesses, even with the little we are having at hand I think we can still change the system from Consumption to production.

Well said, Sir, how do you rate or recognise Boki Blog as a media platform?

Really Boki Blog are doing well, I love everything about them and I believe that in subsequent years, they'll do better than this.

Ok sir, could you please share your experience on the field (Job)?

What I discovered recently isn't really good, I discovered that one of the checkpoints at Orimekpang, Boki youths had possessed so many illegal papers, some claim that they got it from our state government, some said they bought it from the local government council, but when I look into to illegal papers, I discovered that a lot of them are illegal papers including some hollages including banana, cocoa, so I didn't get a really good result,  that's why I'm advising the youths to go into farming and businesses instead of printing illegal papers claiming its from the government of which its not.

Thank you for your time sir.

You're welcome. 

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