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By Paschal Nyiam

The moment i received the shocking and devastating news of your departure from this mother earth and ascendance to heaven, Mama, my world caved in. My heart was torn into two, one was filled with heartaches and pain, the other couldn't grips the reality and wished it was just a nightmare, not knowing it's reality i faced. Sleep eluded me at night's. I lie awake at nights when the world and it's beings are fast asleep, through the stillness of the dark; alone i take a walk down memory lane with unflinching pains in my heart, achs in my head and tears rolled down my cheeks. 

Mama, if i could write a story about you, it would be the greatest ever told of a kind, generous, simple, warm hearted, loving and caring mother who had an unending cheerful and giving heart of gold. Diction fail me in providing the right words that would correctly describe your sterling qualities and unprecedented care given.
The images fill my head but my education could not arm me with befitting words to say how you are.

Mama, while, most of your grandchildren (if not all) complain of your inactions of not praying for your grandchildren and not wishing them well, i commend you for always having me at heart, praying and wishing me all the good things this life can offer.

Mama, who would call me "Ayim mu-Kyitar" again? I weep for the many times we shared a motherly discussion.
I mourn for the times you said and wished to see my children, your great-grandchildren, but i take solace in the words you gave me wholeheartedly at your weakening bone days. 

I could write a million pages yet unable to say how much you gave yourself, your love, your resources, dedication, time, and your all to caring for your children and others around you; the hope and soccour God gave to the childless  through you, the home you gave to the homeless and the motherly love and care you gave to the motherless remains unequal. You mediated between warring couples, your generous and soul-healing smile, your sincere advise and kind words that soothe all troubled souls around you; your profound belief that God in heaven watches over our actions remains unparalleled.

You called me "Ayim mu-kyitar" (your father) a name you gave me after your own courageous father. You loved me unconditionally, you taught me how to navigate the shark infested polygamous home, forthrightness and strength of character, be myself and stand on my own. Above all Mama, you taught me what love truly us and the beauty of forgiveness.

You were a bundle of inspiration to all around you.

Your kind soul, wise counsel and outstretched hands can't be quantified. Your home was open to everyone, your hospitality made them feel special. You are the most beautiful, humble compassionate, understanding family oriented woman i have ever seen. You had an indescribable inner strength which emphatically cannot be overemphasized.

It is always a glorious and pleasurable moment to note how immeasurably you loved your son Fr. Bayim and the Catholic belief you indoctrinated to all your children, grannies and how jealously you worshiped and kept God's commandments till your dying days.

I am saddened by your death, dear grandma, you answered the ultimate call to glory at a time we your descendants were beginning to reward you for your labour. But i feel privileged and profoundly honored and blessed that you are my grandmother.

Missing you is a heartache that will never go but your life will ever remain a constant reminder that there is no greater way to honour you than to be a better me and uphold the love and peace you lived for.

Enjoy your deserved peace, happiness and rest with the Lord, Nna-Mu-okinkan, bone Father Bayim, bone bwan till we meet again at God's feet where there will be no more pains and sorrows to part no more.
Adieu mama

Your beloved grandson
Paschal Nyiam
(Ayim Mu-kyitar)

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