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This Blog is the only Blog Concentrated on Boki local government and I may not be lying if I say 45% of Boki Citizens both at home and diaspora visit this blog on a daily basis.

Aside Boki LGA, we reach a up to 40% Cross Riverians and a wide range of readers across Nigeria. 

So, your advert will be exposed to our unique and potential readers across Boki, Cross River And Nigeria. 

Let's help you reach more people...! 


Pre-article banner -15,000 per week

Side Bar  -10,000 for 2 weeks

Bottom Bar - 8,000 2 weeks 

Top Bar - 5,000 per week

Middle-Article - 10,000 per week 

Sponsored Article - 10,000
Online Interviews - 10,000
Live Interviews - 65,000
Music Upload - 5,000
Music Promotion - 10,000
Birthdays 2,000

Social Media Management - 30,000/Mnth

All of this package comes with free social media promotion twice in the month of ads placement. Including, Facebook, twitter and instagram. 

The Front Page goes for          30,000 for 1 Month.

PROMO: 60% off all the Above rate from 25th October - 27th October 2019

Special Rates for others packages like Public Announcements, Press Releases, News of Special Interest, News Development and Follow-up, Events Coverage, and programme adverts are negotiable. 

Boki Blog, Okundi/Wula, Boki LGA
Advert hotline: 08099087688


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  1. would love to do business with you

    1. Hello John, Join thanks for messaging. Kindly contact us through the above contact details. We'll be glad to partner with you.


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