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We write specially to eulogize the good people of Ikom LGA for taking the appropriate stride in the right direction by playing the game of equity and fairness with pure and clean hands thereby maintaining the long existing cordial relationship with their Boki brethrens in the spirit of brotherhood, as they have resolved to an impartial communique at the Ikom People's Forum Meeting held on the 9th of May 2022 as it's clear that zoning is respected in our constituency and Boki will not throw it away to sow a seed of discord but will reciprocate cooperatively when the time comes.

The official statement from the above meeting which was attended by critical stakeholders of Ikom LGA after scrupulous deliberation stated that:

(1) That Ikom & Boki has always rotated the seat of House of Representative between Ikom and Boki in the interest of peaceful co-existence and equity.

(2) As earlier agreed that, each local government should occupy the seat for two tenures of four years each.

3) That the present occupant of the seat Rt Hon Chris Ngoro Agibe from Ikom Local Government Area, is almost exhausting his second term of (Eight years)

(4) Base on the aforementioned arrangement, the leadership of the Ikom people's forum hereby resolved that, it is the turn of Boki Local Government Area to vie for the seat of House of Representative for Ikom/Boki LGAs in the forth coming 2023 general elections.

(5) We therefore vehemently discourage any Ikom son/daughter from vying for the House of Representative.

(6) Any Ikom son/daughter who contravenes this time honoured arrangement is doing so at his/her own peril and doesn't represent the interest of the good people of Ikom.

Drawing from antecedent, the industrious people of Ikom LGA have unanimously agree to the assertion of what's good for the goose is also good for the gander and we didn't jettison* equity in the lane of agitating for good governance. 
Furthermore, we seize the podium of this letter to impel all aspiring Boki sons and daughters vying for the Reps seat to be united void of sentiment to file a credible candidate for the betterment of our Constituency rather than fragmenting delegates vote from the LGA which will be at the peril of our people's welfare and a betrayal to our dynasty.
Let the conspiracy be deep irrespective of party affiliations as there's strength in unity.
And the Boki PDP faithfuls must understand that HON. ABANG PIUS BESONG been the leading aspirant who has the interest of the masses at heart is the only outstanding candidate that can win elections for the PDP family, and if we must get victory let everyone of us join our hands together and give him all the needed support, thank you and God bless you all

N/B: This letter isn't by any means appealing for pity or sympathy for our principal but to defend the interest of our Local Government over individuality as it will be an unfair bargain and deal of thrift if we don't unite as a family.

With Abang Pius Besong, Ikom/Boki is in save hands 


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