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As Christians all over the world symbolically journeyed with their Saviour from the Ash Wednesday to its crescendo at Crucifixion on the Cross, and ultimately the Resurrection of Jesus from death the reason for indeed our faith. This is in other words, the end of the Passion of Jesus, which is preceded by a 40- day period of fasting, prayers and almsgiving. It is also part of the plan of Salvation and Redemption by atonement of our sins through penitence. Recall that the year, 2020 was phenomenal, it experienced a frightened world of COVID-19 Pandemic with its attendant economic consequences on the citizenry. Also, the nationhood of our country, Nigeria has been under unceasing threats of insecurity by Boko Haram terrorists, bandits, farmer-herder clashes, kidnappers, the list runs ad infinitum, leaving behind from wide scale to pockets death and injuries dotting all parts of Nigeria, with thousands living as IDPs. The psychological turmoil faced by susceptible women and children arising from anticipatory death by these killers is even worse than those dead. This Easter should therefore rekindle faith and hope in all those who have suffered one form of deprivation or the other in our country and grant eternal rest to innocent souls, particularly those who have died for their faith especially the clergies/priests of God Most in recent times. My dear people of God, I enjoin us to avail ourselves of this spiritual retreat and be renewed in our faith, show love, kindness, forgiveness, and may our volatile young people who have embraced our peace endeavors purse peace for these other virtues to thrive in our land for Boki to be great again! Let's also be reminded of God's unending love for us and hold fast to Him. Let us all praise and worship God for His endless blessings. Hope must never be lost, for as dark as the road may seem, there always lies light at the end of it. May you have a pleasant and blessed Easter celebration. Hon. (Pst) John Ewa, The Executive Chairman, Boki LGA.

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