It is a politics of mockery taken too far. I will institute a legal fight with the Cross River State Governor if he take the 250 . 000000 nairafrom Boki LG treasury to fund the airport project in His LG (Obudu). It is Canish, wickedness in capitals and devilish to take money from a local government to fund a project in another LG when Boki is having no General hospital no high institution of learning.

Boki LG is among the LG's in Cross River that are wider in geographical map very contributing into the revenue of the state yet no governor care about what is needed or what is lacking to make life meaningful for the Boki citizens.

Previously, it was rumored that the Governor propose to take money from all LG to fight against is for Him taking from LG for airport project. 
Let the Governor be aware that Boki nation are far more than those he is appointing into His cabinet and be voiceless. If a kobo is taken out of Boki Treasury we will end it in court.

Let the Governor show us on project done in Boki. Let the Governor be sincere with his conscience for once and treat the Boki nation with respect and equity... He should always remember that this LG is where his Secretary come from yet he has totally neglected the Boki nation... I hope the SSG position was not in exchange for projects or development in Boki land.

I have widely consulted, we are just waiting for Him to execute then we meet in court. The time of emperors is gone and the Boki people will not be treated as second class citizens among others ,we are brief and contributive to the economic and developmental growth in the state yet no one project from the Governor can be seen in the past 5 years... We keep hearing of race seedlings factory in Ogoja LG,Garment factory in calabar, Ultra modern school in Obudu this and that in various LGs yet non is said to be in Boki LG why? Let the State governor don't dare us by taking any kobo from the LG's Treasury. We have the statistics and amount of what is in the Treasury in our head and our eyes. This is a joke taken too far.

Rev Dr Ochang is the Senior pastor of Light Embassy worldwide. The founder of Rural reach for Christ. A trustee and patron of National Association of Boki Youth.

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