Politics is a game of interest, It becomes More interesting if the interest of the Masses comes first which also includes the interest of your political opponent, Politics is a call to service, Service to humanity not service for selfishness.

Politics is sweet when done in fairness honesty, dignity and transpiracy. A lot of people see politics as a dirty game. But personally, i see politics as a good game but the dirty people in politics gives it a dirty image.

Politics is one game everyone should be involved directly or indirectly but our approach to the game is what we should be mindful of. Politics shouldn't be done with desperation because a desperate politician is an angry politician and anger can cost more damage if not properly managed.

It's on this note I write to the Boki political who is who, so we can put the interest of the boki Nation first. Let's keep greed, party and individual interest aside as we prepare for the March 2020 local government elections. While we wrestle for power and clamour to succeed in our various political ambitions let's remember that election will come and go but Boki will remain. Our various tenures in political offices will come and go while the relationship we have build will remain.

Let me diviat a little: Relationship is like a child when properly trained, he will be a source of joy to the family but when not properly trained he will be a problem to the family.

Let's build a relationship that would be a source of joy to us all in the course of fighting for our various Political ambitions so the entire boki would live to enjoy.

Its on this note I want to urge all the political giants of boki from different wards, different political parties, and different political interest that the interest of the Boki nation should come first.

While we wrestle with our opponent, let's give a space in our heart's for reconciliation.

Comrade John Otu Eshua 

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