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The Executive Project Manager of Cross River State, His Excellency, Sir. Sen. Prof. Benedict Bengioushuye Ayade, KSJ a spellbound and magical governor has sufficiently actualise, in measures of excellence citizenry expected values fostering c'river economy to a limelight advancement. 

Democracy is said to be the government of the people, by the people and for the people irrespective of tribe, religion or gender. Without fear of contradiction or an iota of doubt, no other governor in cross river state since its creation in May 1967 has committed himself to selflessly governing the state without ethnic, tribal or religious bias.

Ayade became the people's choice in 2015 to spring his potential mandates in revitalizing C'river state resources to a booming economy, hence enticing exotic investors to strengthen the state financial muscle.

While we continue to x-ray the performance of Governor Ben Ayade, to come to a conclusion on whether he truly deserves or merited another term or not, we should be guided first of all by the fact that governor Ayade inherited a bloated debt, a state neck-deep in domestic and foreign debts entangling the state in recession, Ayade had to create a brand new source of income through his industrialisation drive.

In 2015, Governor Ben Ayade on his acceptance speech, he said to cross riverians; "This is what this moment requires. The capacity to dream! That is what will give real meaning to our belief. We must all strive to dream, to lift our eyes beyond the horizons of the present difficulties and visualize a better day! And we must all do this from the hills of Obanliku to the thick forests of Boki and from the Creeks of Bakassi to the Cocoa plantations of Ikom, we must join hands to plant the trees of HOPE and water the gardens of liberty"!

"And by ensuring that every foot is on the pedal, we aim to harness new ideas and technology to reconstruct our state. We shall also build a state sea port". We shall do all these and more, In God we trust. Ayade said.

In comparison to AYADE 2015 and KSJ 2019, Benedict Bengioushuye remains a man of honours, a talk and do Governor. His gigantic visible project industrialization have edge him local and exotic awards inclusively, an international rare gem recognitions enticing investors. 

In words of evidence, Ben Ayade has utensil more than he said in the past four years. It's no longer a prove of intelligence, that His Excellency, function as the Executive Governor on his first tenure then, opted to serve in demureness as the Executive Project Manager year 2019 to survey and bring about the state hidden goldmine treasures so as to decoupled the c'river economy through diverse feasible economical projects bringing a new vista of hope by expanding the means of production, increasing access to capital and catalysing our value chain.

Governor Ayade, a quintessential leader, political Field Marshal and cornucopian economist who is enthusiastic to decoupled the state from depending on the Federal Government allocation by 2021 through his Industrial revolution, beget, an enticing applaud by President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR for tapping into FG's zero-oil economy. Ayade has tremendously done magical wonders in the state, thus he deserve a third term for service.

Ayade a multitask technocrat, an industrialist has spikes across numerous economy sectors in the states; blaze for industrial revolution.

Bakassi Deep Seaport a vision unfolded by Ayade in 2015, his set booming for business expansion to commercialized activities from Western to Southern Nigeria as its based in C'river. However, the Nigeria ports authorities as grants 10% (percent) discount to vessels heading to C'river state. 

This Edge calabar the first cargo ship after 13 years of no revival and operation. In addition, the Federal government certified its approval for the establishment of the Bakassi deep seaport.

The OBC insurance makes the Bakassi Deep seaport project the foremost world class on its operations inclusively, the EIA guarantee will boom the state economy, attract local and international investors to abide in c'river for business growths.

PHOTO: Cross River Governor, Sir Ben Ayade with the Former state Governor Dr. Donald Duke

Ayade's Agricultural transformation is a priority on his policy agenda of African governments on his quest to meet the challenges of food and nutrition insecurity, climate change, youth unemployment and overall economic growth. With Ayade's right policies, innovation and investment, C'river continent’s on agriculture will be transformed into a powerhouse not only to feed a growing population but to create decent employment for millions of young people in C'river state and across Africa.

The Cross River State,  poultry's and livestock farm a 60% project accomplishment as the most sophisticated, in terms of equipment which are line in Africa. 

Cross River State Executive Project Manager, Ben Ayade, his striking on the construction of a poultry and livestock farm. When completed, the factory is projected to process about 6,000 frozen chicken per hour. This massive project site construction is Located on the Calabar/Odukpani Road in Odukpani Local Government Area, the poultry and livestock farm is conceived to be the biggest of its kind in the South South with the production capacity of 22,000 birds per hour.

Ayade's, investment on the agricultural sector is Brobdingnagian. The Governor, often expressed, his determination to decouple Cross River State from over dependence on oil- driven federal allocation through diversification of the state's economy, Ayade is building an ultramodern rice mill in Ogoja.

Cross River state capital, inaugurated Africa's first and only Rice seeds and seedling factory. The factory is one of the governor's signature agricultural projects. At the inauguration, President Buhari commended the governor for "keying into the economic diversification policy of his administration by investing heavily in agriculture, describing him as a reference point in agricultural revolution". 

HE Ayade has also established a cotton farm in Woda, Yala, and banana plantation work is ongoing in the Calabar ultramodern poultry farm and yellow maize farm in Obubra among others.

Governor Ayade, a dynamic agro technocrat vision returning back to the ancient economy ages, but employing technology to boost production and advance the economy invested million of dollars in the Ultramodern cooca processing plant Ikom having an annual capacity of over 30,000. 

In relations, to the Ayade's project on its agricultural revolution, Cross river state will cultivate, process and export cocoa/chocolate.

More so, The REDD+ Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation, plus the sustainable management of forests, and the conservation and enhancement of forest carbon stocks.

Governor Ayade, on a course of action impel citizenry to plant one million trees during this year’s Green Carnival, the exercise was aimed at addressing the challenge of urban deforestation.

The event also drive home the state’s commitment towards the implementation of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) on the 275km Superhighway project in the state.

Governor Ayade, a digital governor partnered with Microsoft to establish ICT and Data academy his key objective as a state is to partner with Microsoft and create an avalanche of opportunity for our young men and women. By so doing, he'll provide a web hosting facility to support the deployment of ICT technology for Microsoft to develop an ICT paradigm on the form of a data management academy to teach and educate young Cross Riverians on data management".

The Governor opined that through the Microsoft/Cross River partnership, digital transformation objectives will be achieved for young Africans using the platform to market their talent and products.

Cross river state break down power to lighten the state has been restored by Gov. Ben Ayade, residents of Calabar, the Cross River state capital, can now expect to get 24-hour electricity. The Executive Project Manager, Unveiled a newly-completed 23 megawatts (MW) power plant August 21 2019, the cost of electricity supplied to residents will be affordable. 

The power plant shows that “the Ayade spirit of commitment was indeed stronger than any amount of money because with the peanut FG revenue Cross River wouldn't have got $25M to put up the plant with all that is required”.
“So interestingly, Calabar will be the first city to have uninterrupted power supply even as we get ready to commission our Calabar Smart City project that will also make it the first smart city in the country.

His Excellency, Sir. Sen. Prof. Benedict Bengioushuye Ayade, KSJ merit another tenure for service for his philanthropic nature to foster c'river economy with a lean finance resource. Indeed, Ayade remains an Oracle and intellectualist to coach aspiring governors on his magical blueprints.

I fully acknowledge the fact that governor Ayade has not performed a hundred percent to the expectation of some people, but kudos must be given to him for all he has been able to achieve within the limited lean financial resources available to him. No government anywhere in the world is perfect or performs a hundred percent, not even in the developed world and advanced democracies.

We shall continue to constructively criticize His Excellency in the coming three years and also encourage him to speedily build and improve on what he has achieved in the last four years. iStandWithAyade, Ayade continuity is the answer.

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