The Governor's decision to construct an airport in Obudu has been a very controversial issue for some time now, with different people expressing different opinions against or in favour. 

However, veteran Journalist, Agba Jalingo has shared his opinion on the issue, and as is already obvious, he is not in support of the idea. 

Below are his words 

●Only 2 percent of Nigerians patronize air travel. (FAAN)

●98 percent don't.

●Nigeria has 25 airports.

●Only 4 of the 25 airports (Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano) are viable. (FAAN).

●21 are listed by FAAN as unviable airports; including Bauchi, Katsina, Delta, Jigawa, Bayelsa, Kebbi, Gombe, Taraba, Ekiti, Uyo, Asaba and even the Margeret Ekpo Airport in Calabar.

●FAAN withdrew their services from the Kebbi and Gombe airports two months ago, due to lack of patronage and inability of the airports to pay over N800milion charges.

●Yet several states spent huge billions that could have funded projects that will benefit 98 percent population on airports that serve only 2 percent population.


Bauchi Airport - N15billion.

Delta Airport - N17billion.

Jigawa Airport - N17billion

Bayelsa Airport - N60billion

Kebbi Airport - N15billion.

Uyo Airport - N20billion.

●Even Lagos state with a population of 20million residents and N33billion monthly IGR has only one airport. The second one muted by the state government is still a pipe dream.

●Cross River state with a population of just 4million people and N1billion monthly IGR, already has two airports. The Margaret Ekpo Airport in Calabar and the Bebi Air strip at the Ranch Resort, both of which are under utilized.

●And my governor, Senator Ben Ayade, now wants to "waste" billions again, to build a third airport in Obudu.

Can someone tell whoever is nursing this dream that it is a vain dream?

Can someone wake my governor and tell him that the money can be spent on other projects that will benefit 98 percent of the Cross River state population?

Yours Sincerely,
Citizen Agba Jalingo.

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