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David Peter, Program Director; Africa Farming Students' Association (AFSA) entreaty the Executive Governor of CRS. Expressing; Emmanuel Enoh who served as the SA to the Governor, CRS on Civil Society and NGO merit the office of the Commissioner for Agriculture in recalling, the Governor statement; "Some commissioner will come back but not in the same ministry" the governor said.

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Peter said; Mr. Emmanuel Anoh a Soil Scientist, Agronomist and a rare gem farming having techno-agro hands on learning experience on diverse agricultural value chain. He remarked Emmanuel, as a dedicated servant and innovator while serving as the Cross River State Cordinator, Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria to have gear and sound agriculture in Cross River State to be kenspeckle thereby advancing the state to attract meritorious award's towards the advancement of agriculture.

Continuing, he reacted to the governor second bid political appointments as "Hands on the plough" to advance the state is an exemplar of Emmanuel Anoh.
He also acknowledged Mr. Emma for resetting an agricultural pathway historically in the State by launching huge agricultural activities thus aren't limited to;
i. "Cross River State Farmers Day were the governor was awarded as the "Best Performing Governor in Agriculture".
ii. Farmers Anticipation in Calabar Carnival; The foremost ever farmers across 18LGA anticipates on the biggest street party in Africa thus leaving no rural farmer behind.
iii. An Isreali Rice Training Program in Abuja; Via The Governor Ben Ayade over 1,200 farmers were trained in an Israeli farm in Abuja on the aimed to eradicate hunger&poverty thus to create a sustainable self employment.
iv. Fertilizer distribution to farmers to harness agricultural productivity in the state.
v. Donations of writing materials to pupils and students in school on a courtesy's of HE Ben Ayade to promote education via agriculture initiative.
vi. Technical training on various agricultural value chains.
vii. Engaging Cross River State in the Anchor Borrower Program in collaboration with CBN.

David Peter, strongly assured the Governor of the mandate for Emmanuel Anoh to be appointed as the Honourable Commissioner for Agriculture pressing that no political appointees in the Governor cabinet was  awarded by President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria who is the head of state and head of government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and also, the commander-in-chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces, Muhammadu Buhari who honoured the Governor for his giants strides toward agriculture were the Governor was heavily represented by Emmanuel Anoh for the sustainability of the anchor borrowers programs.

He concluded that; Emmanuel Anoh hands is always on plough to ensure a sustainable agriculture thus employing food availability on the table to decline Zero Hunger and advancing agricultural employment in Cross River State.

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