I am compelled to respond to the call by Pastor John Ewa that I should warn my boys to stop attacking political opponents. It is most unfair, uncharitable and wicked. I do not have boys who are trained to attack anybody especially political opponents. I have not been known as an apostle of violence.

For the records this is the third election I have lost in Boki and never have I maintained any grudged against anybody who did not support me, rather I have (and still see) all those who exercise their right by not supporting me as mere stepping stones, to the many blessings which God has bestowed on me. And indeed He has blessed me exceedingly. I have no reason to support the attack on anybody who is perceived not to have supported me. I have always taken appropriate legal action to challenge any political outcome I didn't agree with. In the last house of Reps election, I won the hearts of our people and am satisfied with the performance of the APC. 

In spite of the election outcome which may not escape judicial scrutiny, I am calling on Pastor Ewah to, as a matter of priority invite the security agencies to investigate and fish out the perpetrators of the dastardly act and bring the Justice rather than choosing the very convenient way of apportioning blames to individuals. Also, I call on Pastor Ewah as an apostle of the good life to condemn leaders of his party in Isobendeghe, Boje and Oku/Borum/ Njua who amongst other infamous action ochestrated the hijacking of election materials and prevented their people from voting. This inglorious action alone accounted for the cancellation of over 26000 votes from 46 polling units which affected the outcome of the election.

For the record, it is instructive to point to the fact that I was a member of PDP for several years without any history of violation conduct and cannot suddenly become a supporter of violence because I ve joined the APC. If there is anyone involved in the present orgy of violence, ostensibly on my behalf, you are on your own. Violence does no good. Elections are won by votes not bullets. Votes counts, Bullets don't count. 

Finally, I appeal to all APC members and indeed all Boki youths to remain peaceful and law abiding as we walk towards another face of the general elections which is to come on Saturday.

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