• Rev PJ Ochang  dedicate another baby from 8yrs marriage without conceiving

Boki-born Abuja-based Pst, Pastor Prince justice Ochang, The senior pastor of Celebrities For Christ Ministry. Aka light Embassy.  Who is currently making waves with his anointing of breaking barrenness, delivering and setting captives free, as this display of God's power in him is expended to Boki as two ladies from Boki also partook from this grace of carrying their own child after long age marriage without children, but in the first year of seeing the pastor they took in and that barrier was broken. 

Our team briefly interviewed the clergyman, on where does he get is power from?

Boki Blog: "MOG, Sir, where do you get your power from, as so many people are saying your prophecies are accurate and what ever you say come to pass, mostly the feasible miracles on barren women?" 

Pst. Ochang: "Yes I know that so many people had questioned my display of anointing, some had accused me of operating from a native doctor source who they said is my father. But that is not true, my father is late. my father is one of the most modern man in my community, you can go to my village (oku Aro, Boki lGA. CRS)and ask more about my family, a modest family that has no link with fetish powers. But am not shocked at their accusations anyway because even our lord Christ Jesus faced same too. 

My source of power is Christ Jesus and I keep renewing it by service and doing is will mostly on less privileges, widows and age mothers."
One of the Testifying Families 

Boki Blog: "MoG Sir, it is also said that you sell water to people, that water is one of the major prayer tool you used."

Pst. Ochang: Selling water? No one person can accuse me of such thing, because I preach seriously against selling of anything, even collecting of money through prophecy or whatsoever. Yes I have a deep revelation about water, I deeply spirited water as a divine means, this is a personal divine revelation with my calling and God. Pls do proper finding you will be told that I don't sell water or any thing for exchange of anointing, because I am not a business man am a pastor and freely God gave me, unto others freely shall i give.
Rev. Ochang praying for a baby 
Boki Blog: "MOG Sir, we have watched your videos clips where women are testifying with their husbands and newly babies, Sir, how do you personally feel about this miracles?" 

Pst Ochang: very happy and thankful to God Almighty. Only Him can do it,no man can.

Rev. Ochang Excited In a church service 
Boki Blog: "Any final word?"

Pst. Ochang: "Brethren our God is supreme and powerful,God always come later to do the latest in a man's life. Let no body be trouble about her situation for on the right time with the right link God shall answer in full and with joy in the mouth."

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