Catfish is so called because of the whiskers it has on the mouth. And that is where the similarity with cats ends. Otherwise catfish is dirty and feeds on dirt. Infact,  it is sometimes referred to as "bottom feeder", because it prefers to stay at the bottom of the water and feed on the dirty excrescenses of the other aquatic wastes.

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Such is the story of the so called elite politicians of Central Senatorial Zone of Cross River State. They wear beautiful feathers,  speak queens English,  claim distinguished heritage and boast of high pedigree, but are at the core, bottom feeders, reaking of dirt and spewing venom.

Take for instance the Senatorial race which has become like apples and oranges. If you know,  you know.  Some candidates are so petrified of their inevitable loss that they are now bearers and sponsors of false tales. They are gloating over lies and deceit to help them avoid reality. They are trading in falsehood to help ferry them across the black waters defeat.

Yesterday, an almost inocuous piece of the usual trash came into circulation purporting that the erudite Professor Sandy Onoh was spunned by his friend Nyesom Wike and therefore should be rejected in favour of candidates who were brought upon us by  the Muslim phalangists and Fulani hegemonists. The document went further to lie, in broad daylight, that the elders of Central were accessory after that fact and indeed the authors of the woe begotten document.

My worry is that if the so called, leading lights of Central, can so easily descend into anomy and play junk and gutter politics,  then they have lost the moral high ground to instruct,  or teach or preach upon the essences and proprieties of public conduct to some of us, of "lower birth and pedigree".

Politics is essentially a contestation of ideas leading  to informed choices by the free will of the electorate. The opposition in Cross River State think differently, however. They are desperate. They are diabolical. In profane rejection of all that is civil and decent, they have trained platoons of gun - totting, gun - slingers to enact a reign of terror on the people on election day. They plan to snatch ballot boxes, to shoot, to kill, to maim their way to the hallowed chambers of power and renown in Abuja. So as to continue the usual reign, while squatting on top of the masses of our people. And share the fripperies of office amongst friends, kit and kin. And offer us a drink and a curse upon their occasional visits.

These people claim civility and class, but play dirty like pigs. They are ruthless power mongers
They are men of yesterday, using the methods of yore. They connive to block their contenders' phone numbers, in order to stifle free expression of thoughts and opinion and reinvent the dark, dank spectre of yesterdays.

But it's too late now. Its already a new day. As Achebe will put it  " its morning yet on creation day ". The elders and youths of Central have their sleeves all rolled up, to find new answers to old problems. We can no longer be gobble - the - gook, swallowing all those long winding tales from Abuja. No, we shall go to Abuja ourselves and see for ourselves. We shall make our own history ourselves, by the choices we have made. And tell our own story ourselves. We too have come of age. Knowledge belongs to those who experience.  Our eyes also have seen things.

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