Hon. Eliman Eliman is a proud supporter and aid to Hon. Bette Obi, the aspirant bearing the mandate to run for member representing Boki 1 constituency in Cross River State House of Assembly come 2019.

In this interview with Boki blog, Eliman explains in clear terms the house of assembly representatives saga in Boki 1. Below are excerpts from the interview.

News reaching us on the 20th of October 2018 says Hon. Bette Obi has been installed Flag bearer for CRSHA Boki 1 in 2019, how true is this?

First  of all, let me Congratulate the good  people  of Boki 1 for the new and re-branded position. It's very  *TRUE* that Bette  Obi  is  the candidate  for PDP  in Boki 1 Sate  Constituency

It was said that the Governor Ben Ayade had granted automatic rerun tickets for current CRSHA members in the state, what brought about this turn?

PDP is one very large  family with  listening  ears and strategies to win  elections  in 2019 with  100% victory. It has been  like  that since  1999. Substitution was not only in Boki 1, it happened  in some constituencies  in Cross River State too. Members  who are not on ground  and have under performed  were substituted  for more popular and accessible Candidates. When  the automatic  ticket  instructions  came out and it was announced, the Opposition  APC went to party and merried that  it was a win win for them  in Boki 1. Even PDP members  where  already  working  closely with the opposition  APC for Anti Party activities that could have led to our losing  elections in Boki 1. Dont forget the Governorship  and State House of Assembly elections  are same day, so the automatic  return tickets  would  have affected  the Governorship  election  making him  to lose in the Constituency . The Governor's foot Soldiers saw to all these and decided  for a better candidate in person  if Hon. Bette Obi ( THE PEACE AMBASSADOR). As I talk to you, sample  opinion and hear how excited   people  are about  Bette  Obi  Candidature. 70% of opposition  APC are already  contacting  us to decamp  to PDP  because of Bette Obi Candidency .

According to TDN Reports on the 21st of October, the state party chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) seem not to be aware of this innovation! Is there any decision passed by a party not involving it's chairman?

If you read  my above submission, I didn't  say Party Chairman or Governor, I said Governor's Foot Soldiers, who investigated  all Members  of State House  of Assembly  and knew  who are worthy  of returning  and who are not. That led to Hon. Bette  Obi  emergence to silence finally  the APC

I understand you very well Sir! How do you feel having Hon. Bette Obi back to the frontline?

If I tell  you how I feel, you may not really  understand  it because I'm Bette's Man, why don't you take sample opinion  independently to hear  for yourself  as a journalist.  People  are so happy  that Bette Obi  is the rescuer of Boki 1. Let me add  this quickly, Bette Obi project  is not a Boki 1 project.  It's involves the entire Boki and Cross River State at large.  His crop  of connection is intimidating  yet very  simple  and accessible.

Your reasons for the reshuffle means that PDP needed a viable candidate that can match opponents from the APC and also continue the endless dominance of PDP in the state! Right?

Cross River State is 100% PDP. But we don't  want to underrate APC because  they are not Democratic in their  processes therefore  the PDP won't want a Candidate  who is not popular and letting  the APC gave the day. The Party want a more accessible, grass rooted and vibrant  candidate of Hon. Bette Obi Get the day.

We believe constituents who seem confused about the whole thing would now be pleased by this clarification. What's your advice to the electorates In Boki 1?

It's simple! Boki 1 need theirs, before this time  House of Assembly  for 2019 was zoned to Eastern Boki considering  the fact that ABO ward will by the end of the tenure conclude their 8 years. First of all, it would  have  been a big slap on the Boki 1 elites who Zoned  it to Eastern Boki for some one from Abo ( by marriage or Biological) to take it making ABO ward to take 12 years altering the gentleman zoning aggrement. Secondly, it would  have been  a big slap  for the Eastern Boki People not to fight for their  democratic right, but thank God for our "DAVID" of Bette Obi  who can stand the Goliath. We should be appreciative of Bette Obi  who have wiped out shame  from our faces  to retain  the pride as Boki 1 Constituency and Eastern Boki People.

As a Peace Advocate, Bette has always  told his supporters that  this  is the time  to consolidate. We call on  all aggrieved  Party  members  to be calm, plans are on the way to reach out to them.  Every one is important  in this  project, it's a collective  project  for all of us.  The Pride  of Boki 1 is to have one of our own sons represent us. Bette Obi is for all of us. The only thing  Bette Obi calls "my own" is his wife. Every other  thing  he calls "our" own .He is for all of us and I tell you he will  be very accountable  to us.

What last word do you have for us today?

Finally, let me use the medium  to formally  congratulate Hon.  Bette Obi Candidate  for Boki 1 State Constituency of Cross River State House of Assembly in 2019, Hon. Chris Agibe, Candidate  for Ikom/Boki Federal Constituency, Ntufam Prof Sandy Onor, Candidate  for Senate, Cross River Central Senatorial District, our own Digital Governor and Leader Sen. Prof  Ben  Ayade, our Governor and Governship  Candidate of Cross River State and lastly, the Nigeria's Former  Vice President and Restructure advocate, Alhaji Atiku Abubabar, the Presidential Candidate of the People's Democratic Party in the 2019 general elections.  LET'S GET NIGERIA WORKING AGAIN

Thanks for your time 

You're welcome, we'll be talking from time to time

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