By: Ayi Godswill Mkpai

The educational system of boki local government area is fast depreciating. With the population of about 300,000, It is clear that the foundation of boki local government educational system is faulty and in urgent need of a fix. Sadly, it's on record that over 20,000 children in this local government are out of school, this implies that boki is an educationaly disadvantage.

The problem afflicting boki education are lithium, from dilapidated school building to unhygienic and unsuitable learning environment, overcrowded classroom, lack of basic learning equipment, incompetent unqualified and unqualified teaching staff, absolute and outdated curricula, extortion of pupils/students by government education agencies demanding exorbitant or illegal fees and levies and lack of proper checks and balance among others.

A constant source of embarrassment to every well-meaning boki is the dropouts and out-of-school children, it is an eyesore when you drive around major villages in this local government and you find children of school age begging in the street or struggling to eke out a living, as drug peddlers, street hawkers, domestic laborers. In the struggle to keep body and soul together some of them end up as child brides, while others gust room the street.

These out of school children, no matter the circumstance, pose a grave danger to the society, exposed to social vices at a tender age, there is little doubt that they will group up and constitute a nuisance to the environment wreaking havoc on people as pickpockets, petty thieves, drug addicts, political thug, and hoodlums. Some may eventually end up joining secret cults, militant or terrorist groups. To avoid this looming danger, all tiers of political leaders and the entire boki people must begin to take drastic steps to revive our ailing education system, especially at both primary and secondary level.

It is no longer news that about 48 percent of the candidate in boki fail the west African examination senior school certificate examination annually and over 75 percent of the successful candidates were aided to cheat during the examination, no thumbs to a corrupt system, which ensure that everything is compromised. If pupil passed wasce in all sincerity, there would be no need to use the utme or other contemporary tests as a yardstick for staying at home for years. To put an end to all this, we the people of boki at the top and below, we all weak up to do something to let our young people know the way forward by organizing:


And any other competition you know will help bring our youth together in peace. Let’s do it to improve the level of education in our local government, and at the end of each competition award should be given to the best school to motivate the students, by so doing, boki will change for good.

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