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Biakwan Light Green Initiative Empowers 100 Rural farmers (women) on integrated farming and Homestead gardening.


In the Biakwan community in Boki L.G.A. CRS, Nigeria, women and vulnerable groups participated in a three-day training on integrated farming and household gardening, which was just ended by Biakwan Light Green Initiative, an NGO that provides primary environmental care support.

Through a collaboration with UNDP and financial backing from the Global Environment Fund, the training programme aims to use climate-smart agriculture as a natural way to reduce the negative effects of climate change and increase resilience.​

According to the executive director of BLGI, Comrade Peter Oru Bette, the training which is an innovative approach, is not only contributing to building resilience but also mitigating the impact of climate change and how it affects rural forest communities. That integrated farming system deals with a sustainable land-use system that combines the cultivation of crops, livestock, and even trees. This approach not only provides food security but also serves as a means of income generation for the people.

​The lead facilitator, Mr. John Odey, the coordinator of East-West Seed Nigeria, in charge of the Cross River State green field, emphasised harnessing the power of integrated farming for a sustainable future. He opined that as the world grapples with the challenges of climate change, the forest community should take the lead using proactive approaches that will ensure the use of integrated farming and homestead gardening as a nature-based solution to mitigate climate change.

The training which was mostly participating involved focus group discussion, team work including case studies. The aim was to equip community members with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively implicate these practices in their homesteads. The training programme covers a vast range of topics like sustainable land management, organic farming techniques, agroecology, and crop diversification.

​Mr. Jonas Okpa, one of the facilitators, also highlighted the potential of regenerative agriculture in mitigating climate change. Participants also learned about the impact of soil health and the preparation and integration of livestock and trees into farming. One of the village head chiefs, Kingsley Atim, emphasised the importance of knowledge sharing and community engagement and asked the participants to take the workshop seriously.

​Early on, the participants, Mrs. Patricia Mbia Deku, thanked the organisation and prayed that, with the opportunity provided, they should be able to form networks and exchange experiences to support their journey forward in sustainable and climate-resilient farming practices. The training will strengthen their resilience to external shocks like market fluctuation and climate-related clusters.

​Generally, the training will pave the way for a greener and more sustainable future for the women of the Biakwan community.
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