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"I looked at a lot of young ladies putting all their effort and all their time into relationships". - Ayade Cynthia



1. Discipline: this is the word nobody wants to hear because it requires pain, without discipline you lose your position. 

Self-discipline is the highest level of maturity.

 If you can discipline yourself and keep focus, nobody can pull you down.

Every prize has a price and the higher prizes demand more prices.

Be exalted and be disciplined in three different areas.

1 TIME:  why do you think the military, schools, and seminaries have a timetable? 

What do you do with your time? 

Time is the greatest gift you have, remember even in the Bible, the lord said you must be ready for the master to come at a time you do not expect.

Most times I tell people that time is expensive, time is of value, and understanding your time is the greatest achievement of your life now.

I looked at a lot of young ladies putting all their effort and all their time into relationships

Relationships that don't work out, or that might never work out. We are Africans, we value relationships and we value marriages but there are stages for everything and there is a time for everything, and every season we are supposed to know what to do.

 It is written in that good book that there is a planting season, there is a watering season and there is a harvesting season. 

You need to understand the time of the season and what you are supposed to do so you don't end up doing the right thing at the wrong time.

2. Money;  does money fall into your hand and finish the same day? 

How do you manage your money?

 Do you need all the things you buy? 

Must you wear new clothes every Sunday?


Must you leave a fake life?

 You must learn how to give as much help as you can, without forgetting your fundamental responsibility. 

Those entitled to your money will always squander it because they know nothing about labor.

Why buy unnecessary things to show off instead of investing for the future?

Now how do you manage your money when it comes to financial intelligence? I have two Authors I don't joke with, Robert Kiyosaki and Eric Worre.

 By reading most of their books I understand that they are liabilities and they are assets and I understand the power of leveraging so many things from them.

Robbert said in the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, whatever that doesn't give you money, whatever that does not return money to your bank account is a liability and at a certain stage of your life you are supposed to let go of it.

Now the reason why most rich people tend to lose their money or go bankrupt is that they do not understand the means of spending money…

Money is a spirit, money attracts.

Spend money wisely, if you do not know how to spend it, invest it in yourself until someone sees the need to invest in you.

3. RELATIONSHIPS: Be mindful of who you get along with, your friends should know what you want and encourage you to do it.

   Imagine having friends that encourage you to go to the party instead of reading for exams. 

When you come across a friend that hasn't realized your vision, find your place and remember that there are many friends out there, let them gossip about you so your success will speak for you. 

If you are a circle of friends that doesn't envision the future the way you do.

That vision is at the means of no execution.


 Know the place of your friends in your life for you can't listen to everything.

Study this formula

Thought - word- idea- imagination - Vision- execution -success.

Author: Ayade Cynthia

FB: Cynthia Ayade

Instagram: Ayade Cynthia

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