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Business marketing is a marketing practice carried out by individuals or organizations to create customer awareness in other to  sell products or services to people, companies or organizations that resell them or use them.

Marketing is a process by which a product or service is introduced and promoted to potential customers.

The heart of a business success lies in its marketing. Without marketing, your business may offer the best products or services in your industry, but none of your potential customers would know about it.

Having known this, it pains me to declare that there are lots of business owners who invest a lot in their business marketing but yet get little patronage. I have seen people invest a large whooping amount of money in business marketing and yet gets little or no returns from it.

The question now is, where does the problem lies ?

In my few years of online and offline marketing I have been able to gather some experiences which I will say is one of the factors that birth this article. There few marketing errors people often commit in most cases. Some are ignorant of it while some are aware but care less.

No matter how great your marketing strategy or tactics may seem, of you commit any of the below errors, you will be heading for the rocks in your business.

1. Wrong Audience :

This is the first on the list of the marketing errors we often make. In most cases, you have a smashing appearance, a good and convincing speech but the audience you are approaching doesn't just need what you are offering.

Marketing your products or services to the right people goes a long way to booming your business but when mistakes are made and the right product is marketed to the wrong audience, there is a great problem.

Maybe you should check things out, irrespective of your business platform, either online or offline. You can't continue to share a tech blog post in a relationship forum or offer a vintages shirt to an adult who knows nothing about it or doesn't needs it.

2. Poor Description :

Countless of times we have seen adverts that leaves us confused. There are advert or marketing that are contained with few or poor description and directories.

Getting the right audience must be backed up with the right words and full description. Most business marketer are to brief with the description. Remember you are trying to make somebody believe in you.

You must sell your value to them. Make them know what they stand to gain. Give them the impression that you are the best person for the job. Give a full directory on how interested people can get to you.

3. The Money Factor :

Most of the time, our style of marketing chase people away from patronizing us. The mistake people make when marketing a product is putting money first. You don't win the heart of your audience by this.

To effectively market a product or service, you need to first of all communicate what the people stand to gain if they subscribe to your proposal. People want to pay but they don't want to hear the money thing first.

They believe you need to effectively explain what their gain will be before you introduce the monetary aspect.

4. Branding :

Branding is one important factor in marketing. Whatsoever you want to market, you must be able to give it a superb branding.

When you appear before people or when you launch you product or service before people, it should be self attractive even before you begin to talk about it.

Most business marketers care less about branding which is a great mistake.

• If you run a blog/website, brand it to look attractive

• If you sell a product, brand it very well

• If you offer a service, brand it and make it look you are the best in the field. Add tips and freebies.

Marketing is great, it makes your business grow well. Money is required for a great marketing but no matter how much you you pump in it, if there are still errors like I have listed above, you might be building a castle in the air.

But if with your little money you employ the above tips, you will gain lots of audience.

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