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By Kingsley Agbor




Hon Kelvin Ayip Akonjom was born into the family of Nta Nsed Akonjom of Cross River State, Nigeria, West Africa. Born in the year 1943 in his country home Nkunanton in Nde Clan, he is the last of his nine siblings.


Hon K.A.N Akonjom attended the following schools:

The Church of Scotland Mission (CSM) primary school Nde and obtained his first school leaving certificate (FSLC) in 1962.

The Prestigious Presbyterian Secondary School (PRESCO) Abakaliki and later due to the Nigerian Civil War, moved to another Prestigious Secondary School, Mary Knoll Secondary School Okuku Yala L.G.A of Cross River State. Where he obtained his West 

African School Certificate (WASC) in 1967.

For his Higher Education: He attended Cooperative College Ibadan where he obtained a Diploma in Cooperative studies in 1970   flying colours. In all he was an outstanding student and was loved by his teachers and lecturers.


The Rt Hon K.A.N Akonjom was employed by the South Eastern Government by the Ministry of Trade, Commerce and Industry and sent to the Cooperative College, Ibadan for studies in 1970 as a Cooperative Inspector and rose to the rank of Assistant Cooperative Officer. By the Year 1979 he took his leave of absence to serve his people as a political leader, a process that showcased Hon as an astute politician an oracle a man of charisma, a motivator, a mentor, a counselor a political heavy weight. Describe by other leaders as a big fish if when caught, others will be easy to fetch out. He was the man of the people and they believed in him. A man of truth whose ideas were dependable and reliable. The Iroko tree that stood taller than all. He was a faithful servant to his people both at home and away from home. He was a true BAKOR son to the unification of the BAKOR nation.


The Rt. Hon Kelvin Ayip Nsed Akonjom ventured into business but he was not as successful as he was in politics. In 1981 he introduced power tools in Cross River through Black and Decker, a power tool company from Port-Harcourt. The Ikom people did not embrace it because then we lacked electricity to power the tools. This was registered with the company name MAKANA BENKAN NIG LTD. This company folded up in 1982. In 1982 however, Hon floated an oil company MAAKON OIL NIG LTD, dealers on petroleum products which is still alive today.

He was the first to use Mechanized farming, cultivating yams and cassava in large quantity. He owned 20 hectares of cashew farm at New Tech Nig Ltd. He also ventures in supplying products including stationeries.


Rt Hon K.A.N Akonjom was called by his people to serve them in a higher capacity as their political leader. He join politics in 1979 under the platform of the defunct N.P.N. Knowing his ability in quality delivery, the people vote him wholeheartedly, hence he emerged the winner at the poll with landslide victory. While in politics as a member representing Ikom II state constituency. Hon displayed sterling qualities and this earned him the name ‘ORIGINAL HONORABLE” while in the Cross River State House of Assembly He was spotted out as an able leader. He was nominated to serve in the following committees.

Chairman Rural Development and Cooperative Committees

Chairman Local Government Creation Committee and Capacities 

Chief Whip of the house

Secretary NPN Ogoja Senatorial District Cross River Central Senatorial District 

It may please you to know that Hon. K.A.N Akonjom was reelected to serve his people in 1983 where he won again with landslide victory under the platform of NPN. This second tenure however was short-lived as the military interrupted their service and took over power from civilians.

The Rt Hon K.A.N Akonjom also served the nation as a member of the Board of Governors Nigeria Institute for Horticulture (NIHORT) Ibadan from 2001-2004. He served creditably and was being tipped for the next chairman of the governing body but poor health deterred him from continuing.

The Rt Hon was a socialist whose friendship cut across race, gender and age. Today he is being remembered for his impactful life. Everyone who had the opportunity to meet him in life and had one or two things to remember him for will amongst many other qualities remember him for his generosity respect for humanity and his humour. He was a very friendly person even foreigners’ picked interest in him, and he went further to teach his language and our culture, which made them felt so at home.



Rt. Hon Kelvin Ship Need Akonjom (JP) was a busy bee who worked round the clock to impact the lives of Nigerian. He made tremendous contributions to the Nation of Nigeria, Cross River State; Ikom Local Government and his Community New, as can be seen below:-

He was a member of Ikom Chambers of Commence Industries Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA) from (1992-1998).

Secretary Ikom Leaders’ Forum (ILF)

Secretary Ikom Farmers Association (IFA) from (1976-1979).

President Ikom Agricultural Industrial and Cooperative Society Ltd. (IAIC) from (1973-1978)

President Ikom Consumers Cooperative Society Ltd(1974-1976)

Secretary Committee on State Creation

Chairman Parents Teachers’ Association (P.T.A) Velos Secondary Commercial School Ikom, (1975-1979).

Member Board of Governors (BG) Velos Secondary School, Ikom from (1984-1986).

Member Board of Governors (BG) Community Secondary School Nde

Member Board of Governors (BG) Boki Boys Secondary School (1984-1986).

Member Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC) Ikom from (1975-1986).   

12a. Member Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC) State Chapter (1980-1983).

12b. Secretary Ogoja senatorial district consultative committee, (1980-1983).

13a. Secretary General Bakor cultural Union.

13b. Zonal Chairman Police Community Relation Committee (PCRC) Ogoja Zone (1984-1986).

14. Public Relations Officer PRO (Police Community Relation Committee (PCRC Ikom Chapter) (1981-2010).

15. Participant – conference on Shell BP Nigeria (1981-1982) in PortHarcourt Rivers State.

16a. participant – Conference on Future Trade organized by Central Bank in Lagos (1922)

16b. Secretary Planning Committee Late Chief Rt. Hon. KJN Okpokorom Funeral Appeal Fund, 30th January 1996.

17. Chairman – Parent Teachers Association (PTA – Federal Govrnment College Ikom from 1998-2004.

18. Member-Governing board of National Institute of Horticulture and Research (NIHORT) Ibadan (July 2000 to October 2003).

19. Participant Workshop on HIV/AIDS prevention project in CRS 2nd October 2003 UNICAL Hotel Calaber.

20. Zonal coordinator Parents Association Federal Unity Secondary Schools (NAPAFYSS) (2002-2008).

21. Ex-Officio Member National Parents Association of Federal Unity Secondary Schools (NAPAFUSS) 2004-2008.

22. Member of Governing Council Federal Government College (FGC) Ikom.

23. Member of Ikom Lawn Tennis Club.

24. Member committee Peace Keeping Committee Bakor

26. A member committee to bring to the state (PDP) the Peoples Democratic Party will agree with me that the Rt. Hon you was really a busy bee and every where he feature produced the needed honey for his people Bravo!! The Rt Hon. You who can beat this record: you deserve to be immortalized. You will ever remain green in the minds of your admirers and we are committed to ensuring that generations yet unborn acquainted with the impact you made on humanity while alive.


Allow me a little more time to highlight this aspect of Honourable's life.

The Rt Hon. Kelvin Ayip Nsed Akonjom rendered several services to humanity as a nation builder. As a youth, he was a member of the Man O War Bay where he got trained in citizenship and leadership. This basic training formed the bedrock for the leadership qualities he possessed in running the affairs of his community, state and nation. As a Man O'war,  he was taught to be selfless in his service to his people and this he practiced perfectly. Hon. Akonjom was a community developer whose contribution are seen in all developmental projects of his community. Through his sphere of influey he attracted to the community of Nde an entrepreneur who on arrived and purchased land for Agricultural projects and in turn employed some youths who later became useful to themselves and the community.

The Rt Hon. Was an errand boy for his family, community, Bakor nation, Ikom and the State. A peace maker per excellence, he made sure his people remained united as one. Severally he went on peace keeping mission to warring communities of Bakor. He instituted the concept of rotational hosting of Bakor New Yam Festival which gives every Clan under the Bakor Union the opportunity of hosting the festival in their Clan. His was proud to be a Bakor Son. He championed the course of Bakor with so much zeal and vigor. Remarkable of his political activities is the achievement of being a founding member of the People’s Democratic Party.

The Rt. Honourable Akonjom was a member of the Police community Relation Committee (PCRC). A body that linked the community with the police and enlightened the public on their roles in ensuring peace and security in the community. He was a public relations Officer (PRO) and he worked tirelessly to see that the body achieved its goal.

As a sport lover, Hon. Akonjom was a member of Ikom Lawn Tennis Club. He trained as a referee and rose to the rank of referee grade II. He officiated several competitions both in schools and outside schools.

As a member of Ikom Elders Forum, he served as a secretary and advocated for so many innovations. He instituted the zoning system for elective posts to reduce rancor and to give equal opportunities to sons and daughters of Ikom to represent their people. He also advised that sons and daughters of Ikom who were duely elected to serve their people be invited to periodically give account of their stewardship to the people in a Town Hall meeting. He was part of this process until his health failed him.

Hon. Akonjom was an Elder statesman. He was a member of the Cross River State Elder’s Forum until death. His nomination was in recognition of his enormous contributions to the state and the country in nation building.

Service to Humanity:


A Jerusalem Pilgrim, Hon. Akonjom had tremendous zeal for the work of God. Born, baptized and confirmed into the Presbyterian faith, his early life was characterized with Christian activities. He was a member of the Scripture Union Nigeria (SU) and was part of the 1964 campers in Port-Harcourt Nigeria. As member of the Presbyterian church of Nigeria Afi Parish, Hon has Contributed his resources, ideas and energy to the growth of the parish. He was the motivating force behind all the church projects until his death.


Hon. Akonjom is married to Rev Dr Mary V. Akonjom and their marriage is blessed with children.


A good friend is better than a bad friend 

In Politics there is no permanent friend and no permanent enemy.

Learn to speak your minds now rather than murmur behind later.

If a young goat is not dead it will surely grow a horn.

If you are engaged in a fight, fight it to the end-He who runs away will live to fight again.

Enemies are not suppose to be under one roof

Always stand for the truth for it is the truth that will set you free. If you are fond of telling lies be prepared to tell more lies to buttress your claims.

Always believe in befitting treatment (CARE) not befitting burial.

A puppy with curved tail came out like that from birth, you can’t curve a tail of a puppy whose tail is straight.

In life, learn to be happy, things will not always be right, life is full of ups and downs so rejoice in the midst of it.

“I do not live by public opinion”.

The Ekpaghanteh Philosophy “(Wooden Tray)

He sees himself as a “political farmer” and so when the yam farmer goes to harvest his with Ekpaghanteh, he stays away because he did not plant yam but wonders why once political harvest starts the farmer is present himself to collect proceeds and even complains about the portion given to him.


The present generation sees politics as a do or die affair when it is not to be so, politics therefore is a struggle for your community, with other such communities for available scarce resources.

A child is the father’s property and responsibility 

Any man who speaks the truth is rude, disrespectful and arrogant.

The Nde man waste money, when it is used and even for a worthy course.

The Nde man goes to the market and will naturally attempt to buy rotten meat instead of the fresh one, when asked why?, he will say they are better recipe in preparing porridge plantain.

Most men are husbands at night but bachelors in the day.

When you go to a man with a well planned, articulate and censored verbal or practical abuse, what you get most often than none is an unplanned, raw and uncensored reprisals attack or reaction.


The Rt Hon. Bowed out on the 15th July 2015 at 2.20pm leaving behind the entire Nde, Bakor, Ikom, Cross River, Nigeria, West Africa to mourn him. The Rt. Hon Kelvin Ayip Nsed Akonjom (JP) remains alive on the pages of History.

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