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Government Primary School Owambe is located in Boki Local Government Area of Cross River State Nigeria. The school established since 1991 is over 25 years old haboring pupils across two communties.

This Primary School is just a case study to the numerous primary and secondary schools in this area that is and has been in a very big sorry Condition.  It is said that environment affects and/or defines the quality of a person. Therefore it is pertinent to take a very close look at a learning atmosphere where our children and our future leaders are receiving their lessons in this 21st century.


School Block

This primary school building has five rooms, one for the Principal, another being used a Staff room and the other three rooms for six classes.


According to one of the villagers, Two classes are merged in one classroom; that is Primary 1 and 2 share a single classroom, Primary 3 and 4 share another and Primary 5 and 6 Respectively. “Since this classes are merged, when it’s time for Primary one to have their lessons, Primary two pupils are being sent out to play, same with other classes” he said.

The Owambe community is one amongst the numerous communities neglected by the the government in the area which is one of the most underdeveloped in the state. There’s no health facility or pipeburn water. Pregnant women who wants to give birth travel to Bateriko, a distant community to access proper care.

Our sources also revealed that the Primary School which was established in 1991, have never been rehabilitated since its inception even though the communities/clan has notable and indigeneous

One of our correspondents who visited the location, described the situation of this government owned primary school as ‘Pityful’ seeing how supposed leaders of tomorow are groomed in such an abusive and uncondusive academic environment.

We are calling on The Cross River State Government, The state Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) and the Boki Local Government Council as well as the Community Heads to come the aide of this poor children.

Skeptics can trace and authenticate the true status of these structures using the address on the signpost. It's verifiable by anyone that deems it necessary.




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