The intention and wisdom behind the creation of the Local Government system is to bring governance to the grass root or doorsteps of the people within a particular locality. To effectively achieve that, an orderly personnel regime must be put on ground where things will be done in a prescribed and organized manner. Ordinarily there should be technocrats in every political appointments to assist the political structure of the Local Government administration which comprises chiefly of politicians who may not have technical know-how in the management of the system. 

The power to appoint the Local Government Council Secretary is vested in the elected Local Government Chairman. Ideally, this power is the exclusive prerogative of the Chairman. In practice, however, this appointment is usually made after based on political considerations and exigencies after due consultations with the relevant political stakeholders of the Local Government Area.

From the gravines, the following persons from the following Political Wards are jusling for Boki Council Secretary:

1) Hon. Fedy Ncha - Buda Ward

2) Hon. Mactomy Agan - Ogep Ward

3) Mr. Richard Agbor Odok (Racabonet) - Ogep Ward

4) Mr. Pius Edor - Ogep Ward

5) Mr. Kenneth Ayuk - Oku/Borum/Njua Ward

6) Hon. Gerald Odok - Ekpashi Ward

7) Mr. Emmanuel Odu Bisong (Odu Nazy) - Ekpashi Ward

8) Hilary Bisong, Esq - Ekpashi Ward

9) Mr. James Tuku Kijuo - Ekpashi Ward

And probably others. 

The search for and appointment of Secretary of Council for Boki this time, should not just be another Political appointment to compensate a Political Ward or block. A competent individual with requisite experience and qualifications should be sought for, than one who can hardly write a complete statement, a cultist, or just anyone to pacify a Political Ward or block. 

We advise that those justling for Secretary of Council be subjected to a written test/examination administered by experienced individuals in same field. In this way, their failure would be self inflicted than blames and accusing fingers on political opponents or Wards.

It must be reiterated that the Chairman has the prerogative to appoint whoever he wants, the Boki people would be watching in the nearest future, if our Hon. Chairman will slaughter merit at the alter of political patronage. Our Pastor Chairman  should note that, only the best through a free and fair process as was the case during Barr. Tina Banku Agbor's (Secretaryship appointment) and (himself) Hon. Pastor John Ewa's (Party primary election) can salvage the already commatoused Boki local government administration.

History awaits to judge us anyhow we choose to dress our beds. May it judge us fairly.

Concerned Boki sons/daughters.

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