... Discussed the way forward for lasting peace in Oku/Borum and the entire Boki Nation...

Thomas Obi Tawo (centre) with Councillors of the 7th Legislative Council of Boki LGA (left/right)
By Pospi Otuson

Earlier this week, the entire Councillors of the 7th Legislative Council of Boki Local Government Council, payed a courtesy call on Mr Thomas Obi Tawo aka General Iron, the self acclaimed Boki Youth Freedom Leader.

Mr. Thomas Obi who is the Special Adviser to the Cross River State Governor, Ben Ayade on Forestry Security, was approached by the House as a call on the way forward for a lasting peace in Oku and Boki Local Government Area in general.

Speaking at his residence in Oku, in Boki LGA, Mr. Obi Iron said; He started the game of Politics a long time ago and he has suffered and supported politicians very well. ‘But once you're a bad Leader, and your people stand to get their own share, you turn against them’ he Said.

According to his words; “Today everyone is saying Iron is like this, Iron is like that, but the truth is that those who know me and those that are close to me knows I'm not like that. One thing I don't like is if I should see someone doing what isn't good and right, I will not take it. I will tell you NO, I won't follow you on this. Go this way so it will help us, that's why you see that the evil ones don't like me”.

Speaking to the Councillors, he said “I can assure you my brothers and sisters that I'm in support of you people and I'm so happy for you being there to lead Boki, I'm by your side and anytime you feel there's need to help, you can inform me through my Councilor and I'll be there. And I'm begging you that as you come to lead Boki, help us; there's a problem in Boki. Do you see me? The whole me, Government themself have respected me, but do you know that I can't pass through this road to Ekpogarinya. Do you know why, because if I try to pass, someone might come to intimidate me and when you rise and fight, they'll use that against me. So I'm just respecting myself and always looking for a bush road to pass”.

“All these is traced  to our political leaders who wants to rule ahead. That's why they're planting all this traps against us who don't want any bad politician that don't want people grow to exist again. Because we see that anyone who don't want to carry people along withdraw and allow people who can carry people along go.

“The most important thing is that I beg you all here to unite and move motions of peace in Boki. That they can be movement from one Community to another to unite. the only thing that can make us grow is unity. When we are not United, it definitely means we can't do anything.

“Today even the little roads government have made in Boki, we can't even move there freely unlike in the past-good days. Where Boki 1 and II were free with each other, you move to every Community without hindrances. Now you see someone can't move from Osokom or Boje to here, or someone can't move from irruan or nsadop to there and so on. We were supposed to unite. 

“If another Local Government is coming to fight us we should unite and fight them, not we fighting ourselves. Fighting ourselves is a very dangerous thing”.

Mr. Thomas Obi ‘Iron' thanked the house for the honour of finding time to pay him a visit. He said; “I'm in support of you people and I always tell the chairman that we're no longer safe, not even me, nobody is safe. So this position you are today, run it honestly and don't be influenced by bad politicians, because there will destroy your political career and reputation”.

Talking about the Palm Estate, the reason for the recent Conflicts; he said “the main problem that they said ‘Iron’ has become a killer is just because of the Palm Estate. I've been working there from the beginning, right from the time of Governor Donald Duke to Liyel Imoke , all the years that you've heard that these estate is being Managed by the government, that's a lie”.

“It's just a cabinet of people who seat in the name of the government hijacking it on themselves, making Money. I was with them working and I saw what they were doing and our people are suffering. Why not share the little benefit from the field to our mothers and youths so they can have what to eat and go to school or look for a better hand work to do and better their Lives. Rather they came against me, and with God on my side I defeated them.

“We have given the estate to the entire Boki people. There's no Boki person that comes there and not get what they want, but the evil politicians don't want it to be. Because they don't want that. They want a situation when they'll come, buy us drinks so we can go and fight and protect their interest. But we have said No.

“I’ve never hurt anyone in my life, even a fly I've never hurt. The way you see me that's how I am, if I'm ugly don't think that my heart is ugly, my heart is not ugly. I live with everyone, only those that fall against me you see me fall against them”.

Again he thanked the House for coming to his own house to visit and asked God to give them support and Grace not to fall into the wrong hands, charging them with the words use ‘Use Your Head’.

Ultimately, with cooperation in anything we set out to do, we'll succeed. But when we divide, we will fall.

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