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The Councilor representing Abo Ward in Boki Local Government Council, Hon Pius Kejuo Osang has Condemned the shooting of Unarmed Civilian by the Nigerian Army and the Burning down of House belonging to Mr. Francis Ojong in Biajua Community of Boki Local Government Area, Cross River State.

Hon. Osang who spoke to Boki Blog, after spending over 3 hours with chiefs, youths and family of the young man that was shot, frowned deeply at the ugly incident. 

Hon. Pius Kejuo Osang, speaking with Mr Francis Ojong popularly known as Eze Ego

The Community chief, Mr. Pius Ojong narrated that the chairman of the community, Mr. Francis Ojong popularly known as ‘Eze Ego’ was Summoned to handover his position, that will be followed by an audit of his tenure of office of which he refused. This however, divided the Community into factions. those 'for' and 'against' the said Mr. Eze Ego.

According to Honorable Pius Kejuo Osang, a misunderstanding had erupted from the community meeting summoning the Chairman, Mr Francis Ojong (Eze Ego) which resulted to a fight between this factions with youths from Eze Ego’s faction harassing some Community chiefs. Pushing a chief during the fight got Mr Eze Ego fined, of which he agreed to pay.

On the day assigned to Mr. Eze Ego to pay the fine, the community insisted that he stepped down from being the chairman of the community. Reacting to this; Mr Eze Ego refused, saying if he would step down, the Community should finish auditing him even though his tenure is left with a few days to elapse. It was clear the Community didn't want him again.

Hon. Osang maintained that Mr Eze Ego had made a mistake for not stepping down when the Community insisted, because when a Community is after you; no matter who you are, the best option is to step down.

The misunderstanding was also said to be connected to the Biajua Estate- State Government saga, as Mr Eze mounted the Frontline as Community Chairman to negotiate with the commissioner for works, Hon. Dane Osim Asu over selling the Community’s portion of the Estate.

Hon Osang at Mr Eze Ego House that was burnt

The Community having turned down the offer to sell their Estate, frowned at the greedy role the said Mr. Eze Ego had played in the negotiation. This resulted to the burning down of Eze Ego’s House by aggrieved youths of the community. It has been said that this act could be traced to envy, jellousy and hate for Eze Ego, as he's very much comfortable than most people in the community, that's why they had to burn his house.

Mr Tony Bette that was Shot by the Nigerian Army

The Community expressed their anger after Mr. Eze Ego involved the Nigerian Army from Danare Nigeria-Cameroon border following the damage of his house, instead of of involving the Police if he needed to make an arrest. This had one unarmed Tony Bette who was allegedly said to be against Eze Ego, shot on the leg.

Based on a chief’s statement, the innocent Mr. Tony Bette stood by the side when the Soldiers arrived with a very clear conscience and yet shot for no reason. This bullet damaged his leg badly that he may only Walk after a couple of years.

After meeting with the family of Tony Bette, Hon. Osang said the family had requested that all they want is for their son to walk again. Because he's their first son, and the only one that assist them in the farm and other chores.

The Nigerian Army, after hearing the complete story and realizing they were wrong, returned back to the community yesterday to apologize.

The Honourable councilor, Hon. Osang Condemned the shooting of this unarmed civilian, Mr. Tony Bette and the Burning down of the house of Mr. Ojong (Eze Ego). According to him, Abo Ward and most importantly, Biajua Community haven't had issues like this before and that's why the Community have experienced much development in recent times. He concluded by preaching Peace and love with the community Chiefs, others, as only in peace will they achieve more.

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