By: David Peter

As a dogged and corrosive media influencer in Ayade governance, i have observed viral lists, purported to have been extracted from the “BOKI COMMUNITY MEDIA PLATFORMS" on Thursday, 30th April 2020, in which the hooligans and antagonist slayer – One Maxwell Eta- a supposedly erudite boki progressive indigene, turned himself into a lackadaisical opportunist, who sticks at community platforms, to brutal and discredit the Secretary to the State Government futuristic pursuits.

I trembled incredulously observing that, Maxwell Eta and his antagonists struggling to discredit Barr Tina Agbor, as a betrayal to her Master, in Boki LGA on the issues of chapter/ward congresses in the state, particularly in, Oku/Borum/Njua locality.

In furtherance, the poster slagged the Ayade activist, to seek for confession and Gods forgiveness for betraying her master.

Maxwell, who credit himself as a member of APC, an opposition party to the ever leading state party, PDP were he recently snitched to the People Democratic Party after all hope were lost in ravaging against the King of Cross River State, Prof. Ben Ayade, Maxwell still plays anti party politics. Despite the PDP fatherly welcoming and mothering spirited love embraced on Maxwell and his hooligans they'd in equilibrium been drunken with enviousness like the green-eyed monster, causing a doubtful havoc to Barr. Tina Agbor aspiration.

A wise being will wonder why Barr. Tina, with a futuristic political ambition would betray the governor when she's in dire needs of the governor supports come 2023. However, It is cleverly unveil that, the aggressive antagonist now propel with cheap propaganda and blackmail to thrash Barr. Tina Abgor, keen interest as she remains the people's favourite in Boki LGA.

For proper pedagogy, Barr. Tina Agbor, has assiduously enact as a forerunner to the Cross River Governor, Ben Ayade, industrial revolution and political ambition. It's no longer a front-page news, that Barr. Tina Agbor, has always been in forefront on issues concerns the government amongst, surplus confidential matters in the State.

This is not just to say that Barr. Tina humanitarian addiction is centred on government alone. Immeasurably, her altruistic and motherly generosity has foster youths headway in the state. A case of evidence, Thomas Onabe, who was recently appointed into the civil service commission is also ridiculed by this unprogressive antagonists.

It is against this mise-en-scene that Boki hooligan's abject outing the Secretary to the State Government a daylight betrayal to the digital governor. Revealing, that the blackmailers now boast appetite on Barr. Tina futuristic aspiration forth in 2023.

Certainly, blackmailing cannot make the sun struggle to shine. So the antagonist and mobsters in Boki should limit themselves to their forte, and lackadaisical tendency on media. With fact of reality, displaying such uncouth language and lists on media has enact Barr. Tina Banku Agbor shine in 2023 with Paulo Coelho blessed tale's, stating thus: "Stars do not struggle to shine neither do the rivers struggle to flow". In assurance of hope, Barr. Tina Agbor, shall ride victoriously flat as a pancake come 2023.

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