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The life and welfare of every cross riverian remains sacrosanct to the government of Sen Prof Ben Ayade as this is evident on the efforts put so far by this administration even before the outbreak of COVID-19. 

The health sector for the past five months has witnessed massive change starting from our General Hospitals across the State wearing a completely new look, capacity building of health workforce for effective response to the corona virus outbreak, the Taskforce, isolation centers etc yet a few persons rather than appreciate the efforts of this administration or work with the team to achieve more results have decided to circulate falsehood and peddle fake rumours. Some are out to put fear, create scare/ panic, tell unfounded lies and make Cross Riverians live in fear!

We’re not scared of constructive criticism as we will as a government remain open for such because it gives us room to improve and do better but what we won’t accept nor encourage is fake news which will in turn mislead/misinform the citizens of Cross River State. 

We are today as a State yet to record any confirmed case of COVID-19 neither have we recorded any death pertaining to this virus, this is neither a coincidence nor luck, this free status of the State is as a result of the State’s early measures and proactive efforts even before the said virus hit Africa.

Sen Prof Ben Ayade has left no stone unturned as the State swung to action as early as January to tackle this global pandemic. We’ve maintained that tempo without relenting till date as we remain the first State to close our borders and conduct screening at all entry and exit points of the State. 

We started the no mask no movement in Nigeria, We have continually done the needful and so far, we’re very proud of the results/achievements irrespective of the fake rumours being carried around by rumor-mongers to probably distract us which remains impossible especially as there is absolutely nothing to lose sleep for.

Cross riverians are therefore advised to continue living their lives and avoid any panic/fear as COVID-19 IS JUST A VIRAL FLU THAT CAN BE TREATED ITS NOT A DEATH SENTENCE. the government of Sen Prof Ben Ayade isn’t relenting in this fight until we all come out of the woods in Nigeria. Nothing has so far changed as all the COVID-19 precautionary measures set up by the Cross River State Government through the Honorable Commissioner for Health Dr Betta Edu and chairman COVID-19 has not changed and should be practiced at all times, never should anyone be distracted especially as Sen Prof Ben Ayade has provided us with a Commissioner who is at all time ready and available to provide us with every necessary information and answers to our questions as far as this pandemic is concerned.

We remain resolute in this fight and nothing whatsoever can distract us from swindling away from our set goals and objectives which is to always ensure that cross riverians remain safe. Cross riverians will continue to be kept posted on this issue and will continue to be protected as far as this government is concerned so let the fake news peddlers continue to peddle their fake news as this is rather giving us more energy to work and achieve results rather than get distracted. Be rest assured that this too will pass.

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