By Zebis Prince | Calabar

If being Boki born means to:Be disrespectful to elders,Show disregard for friends, Be proud and boastful, Be arrogant and effeminate and toBe self-centered.... 
I mean, if being Boki born is to:Be loud mouthed, Be in rivalry and strife with others, Seek the fall of others, inherit other people's perceived enemies, and Antagonize others....
Again, if being Boki born is to:Dissipate positive energy, Hinder the progress of others, Become sellouts, Laugh at other's misfortune, Speak badly about other people, Be unforgiving andNot see anything good about another Boki born

Then, being Boki born is being a witch. Being Boki born is being satanic. Being Boki born is being horrendously barbaric.

If we can not foster our interests devoid of this interpersonal negatives amongst ourselves believe it that, the essence of our tongue, ancestry, education religiosity and values are completely worthless as a people.

If we can not advance our personal courses without bedeviling others in the process, we are most miserably failures in life.

Worse still, if we can not aim for our craving heights without creating room for others to be a part of that success story and benefit from it, we are not only animalistic but dangerous to anything Boki.

How that we have made politics an end (not a means) and has attributed so much nerves that it is dividing us in tiny lines to the point of personal hatred, fetishism, explicit resentment, unhealthy sectioning and this "me and I" inclinations.

Why are we staging against ourselves when we have the external competition to broil with?

Why are we genius in orchestrating mischief against our own kins and fall prey for the wanton abuse of outsiders?
Why do we allow indiscriminate greed blind us to neglect the walls of our own dynasty that are falling apart. When shall we think Boki again?
See a nation abundantly blessed with everything there is to be enviously wealthy but, relegated by self-inflicted biases.

I can't stop thinking what Boki would be right now if her people were wise to harness the economic, intellectual, political and social potentials she has in her disposal. Sadly, all that is largely being used for negative personal wants.

Boki need to engender a brand new dialog and create a new charter with  pointers on how the demography will coexist and grow from this current nowhereness.

 Boki have to converge again and chart ideals and salient discourses to guide our emergence into the league of achieving nations because obviously, we are not even aware how backward we are because we have failed to push our little race up. 

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