Have you ever bothered to ask yourself why almost every Boki person likes Narrow12?

Maybe you don't really know much about this Boki super Star. But take at least 2 minutes to read below;

Narrow12 is one of Boki's finest music Artiste born and raised in Lagos State. He's well known for promoting Boki culture in a modern style. 

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Back In 2015, he was awarded the most consistent artiste of the year in Boki, becoming one of the first Boki musical artistes to be awarded by his people.

Narrow12 has become a family name amongst the Boki people because of the Artiste liberality and selflessness.

Narrow12 is averse to Cultural sentiments, tribal differences, and this made him pull several musical stunts in all parts of Boki and not just his Community.

Listening to his song Boki Gal, a cover of Brown Skin Girl by Beyoncé, Saint Jhn, and Wizkid. You'll notice he Only made reference to Communities in the Eastern part of the Boki nation, even though he is from the West originally.

Narrow12 is a grassroot music supporter. Not minding his current position in the music industry, he's more concerned in grooming younger musical talents in Boki. Most times getting himself to be featured to help spice up with his super alluring tone. Just like in NFA — Nyanga Ft Narrow12

Narrow12 is also a Music producer, he has recorded with top notch Ghanaian artiste in June 26th after releasing his latest single 'KPANBE' which was First performed on an artiste club tour in Ghana of which the visual was also produced.

In September 2019, he was awarded Infinix most consistent lyricist award in Enugu State and gained many recognitions across the 18 local government areas in Cross River State.

Narrow12 was among the top lead music Artiste featured at the maiden edition of the Banjuare Boki Festival Event of which he delivered massively.

The Irruan Pride dropped over 10 hit tracks in 2019, launching his first album titled Odugwu (Cheerful Giver) with 15 tracks. This has sure wowed his tons of followers all over the nation.

Narrow12 studied Marine Engineering in Lagos State at Federal institution of fishery and Marine technology. 

The man Narrow12 is a team player, a promoter of the Boki people and culture and a role model all other Boki Musical Artiste must follow.

Watch out for the super Star!

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