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Politics is good! it brings fame, Popularity and riches. But one thing an average politician lacks is the knowledge of how to aquire the above mentioned.

Whatever God has approved on Earth is approved in heaven. It gets me amazed on how the Christan politician who are mostly Pastors, Elders, Knight's and Revs in the church do not really understand the concept if Christian politics.

Our Lord Jesus Christ has given us a formula of how to run a political race and be remembered on Earth and in Heaven using John the Baptist as our role model.

In 1st John 35-42, John the Baptist came to the Earth before Jesus came. John got so many followers but as soon as Jesus came to the Earth John knew his time was off and he left and directed all his followers to Jesus.

How many of our Christian politicians can act as John acted? If our politicians were like John the Baptist, we would not be having God fatheritisim in our today politics.

Candidates would not be imposed on us as even against the will of the masses
Citizen will always have  the right to vote and their vote's would be counted. Democracy will be truly democracy. We will not be practicing nepotistic and cabalistic politics.

My dear politicians especially from Boki this message is now for you. It's true that you have done well in your previous tenures either as council Chairman, Councilors, House of Assembly, House of Reps or even as slSenators.

Boki is a Christan local government where all of you are Christian and I advise us to learn from our role model John the Baptist who performed very well and made a place for Jesus to come as soon as Jesus came, he left.

He was never seen again around in fact he got lost that was because his tenour was over. John the Baptist even encourage his followers to go with Jesus. He was never seen Puck nosing in the affairs of Jesus he never for once acted as if he needed to know if Jesus was doing well or not.

Unlike our own dear politicians of today, who even after their verious tenures, they still hang around to impose candidates who will protect their interest without considering if their candidates are the interest of the masses.

Until we learn from the politics of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ our democratic right will never come to us, our voices will never be heard, the young shall never grow, the old will still be dictating for us.

God fathertisim and nepotistic politics is bad. Give everyone the chance to take part in the good governance of Boki.

At this time, I think it's going to please God if the people of Boki are allowed to chose who will represent them at boje 
Until we are allowed to chose who we want without the fear or favor of the cabals, we will continue making mistakes. Let's be allowed to vote a candidate who will be answerable to the masses and not just the cabals

My prayer is that; may this little aticle sink in the minds of the people conerned!

Comrade John Otu (MC ZUZU)
Social Activist

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