Comrade Amos Ijaw Otu is a Business man, a youth activist and politician who is gunning for the Beebo/Bumaji councillorship seat at the Boki Local Government Council.

Amos Otu has been playing politics at the community level of which he's well known for positivity and accountability.

In this Interview with Boki Blog, he said his aspiration is to draw government closer to his people as he explains why he is contesting for the Ward's councillorship seat.

Here are excerpts from the interview...

Can you please introduce yourself to our Readers?

Good day readers out there, my name is Comrade Amos Ijow Otu, from Bakuriko in Beebo/Bumaji ward

You recently declared your interest in contesting for the councillorship seat of Beebo/Bumaji Ward in Boki Local Government Council. Why you are interested in councillorship seat of the ward?

First of all, I became interested in becoming a Councillor because of the negative motion our people usually have that "there is nothing in council and that a Councillor cannot help anyone even to  pay school fees for primary & secondary pupils. When I was aware that their salaries were above One Hundred Thousand Naira.

Not to talk of my dear Local Government (Boki) where the council headquarters have become home for reptiles & rodents. Boki is the only LGA in Cross River that don't usually come together to celebrate their New yam festival or any other festival as a people.

We don't have a town in Boki, the only market we use to have in Okundi was killed by recent cult activities in the area

I aspire to join other politicians to restore the dignity of our fatherland (Boki) and if possible become the leading LGA in Cross River. My people in Bumaji have been politically disadvantaged. Hence, my aspiration to join politics is to draw government closer to my people. Time may not permit me to say all but my manifesto with me here has all that.

Have you actually won the party’s ticket for the forthcoming council election?

The list is of successful candidates of my great party (PDP) are everywhere on the internet, party Secretariat and CROSIEC Office in Calabar.

Can you identify two of the problems facing Beebo/Bumaji Ward, and Possible solutions to the problems?

Our major problem in Beebo/Bumaji is bad road which has crumbled a lot of economic activities in our Ward. The said road was awarded by NDDC at a contract sum of N1.5billion some years back but nobody to follow it up. 

Recently the road in Bumaji is near completion but the contractor left their materials at the site and had left. Again nobody to follow it up. With my position as a Councillor, I will follow up with the companies to make sure that these roads are truly completed. 

Another problem facing us is disunity among average politicians in my ward. My major aim is to bring them together irrespective of their party difference and work together for political gains. I'm almost done with this one because, right now all the leaders in Bumaji are United for the first time since history. 

We are left with just few in Beebo whom we should work on to see the need. I don't need to tell you that this disunity among politicians cost us alot of things including the recent CRSHA Boki 1, constituency seat.

How popular are you in your Ward? Do you really have supporters?

My popularity is shown by the massive turnout of people from my ward to affirm my emergence. I have photographs of unending queues behind me even at a very short notice. The celebrations of my affirmation all-over the ward till 4:am and their cash, kind support even from the opposition are clear evidence to attest to that fact. 

Today my name is the reigning name in every household. If you don't mind, I can add the jingle sponsored by my supporters since 2017 without my knowledge And my affirmation photographs

Which last words do you have for the electorates in your Ward ahead of March Local government elections?

I want to assure my people in Beebo/Bumaji ward who already knows me  that I will not let them down and if possible, I will give them more than they expect. for Boki at large, I want them to watch out for vibrant legislation because, with the crop of councillors that my party (PDP) have paraded, there is going to be a great revolution in Boki LGA.

Thanks for your time

You are welcome

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