Ojuah Nicholas Abiam popularly known as Jaheze Debackground is from Bamba community in Boki local government area of Cross River State. He is notably known for his Jaheze Gbebodyeh Comedy Skits which has kept his name on a widespread all over Lagos State, Nigeria.

In this interview with Boki Blog, Jaheze admitted his role model in the Nigeria's Comedy Industry is popular Samuel Animashaun Perry popularly known as BRODA SHAGGI.

Below are excerpts from the interview...

Can you please introduce yourself to our Readers?

I'm Ojuah Nicholas Abiam from Bamba community in Boki local government area of cross river state. The CEO of Jaheze gbebodyeh comedy all around Lagos Nigeria. every body knows gbebodyeh.

Any questions for the day

(Smiles) Can you tell us about your family and probably Educational background?

I was born and bred up in my community. I know many things about my village/community my father's name is late Mr Ojuah Fedinand Attah a farmer who had two wives. He died in 2005 when I was still a little boy in jss3 then schooling at the community secondary school Bamba after my fathers death I went to stay with my uncle at Abija Beebo Community who helped me through ss1 to ss3 and I later wrote my ssce till date that has been my educational qualification.

My mother's name is Mrs ariah mbua Ojuah she's still alive in my community.

We heard you're a comedian, how true is this?

Ah ahn! am I supposed to tell you how true that is? You can see for yourself ehh,😂🤣 Gbebodyeh. My videos are out everywhere. Just watch and see that is very true God has blessed me with allot of talents that the reason i'am called to make every body Laugh am also a musician, an actor, infact my music album is out selling in Lagos.

Everybody can connect me on Facebook (Jaheze debackground) Instagram (jaheze debackground) YouTube (Jaheze gbebodyeh) or unique fun comedy.

What motivated you to go into comedy? Where you naturally funny?

About that, I think nothing will motivate you to do what you really know you can do. Most time I just see myself making people Laugh, now I work with the lawma truck that is the Lagos wate management authority and I deal mostly with a lot of people why I always get along all this people is because of my  funny character some time some people may want to fight me but when I throw one joke or two every body will just be laughing. So I just know am a comedian and I just have to make good use of my gift I know one day, it will pay.

What kind of comedy do you do?

Funny comedy skits. Like street questions and answers. But we also do a lot of acting and our movies will soon be out but for now mostly questions and answers. You know a lot of people out there don't really know the answer to many questions but in our comedy way we help people answer so many questions.

Who's your role model in the comedy Industry?

Broda shaggi! If I have my way I will love to meet him because our thing is going the same way. Gbebodyeh

Can you really say you have fans?

Now little! not more, but believing God for more. All I need is nothing but promotion and popularity.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

That 5 years is too far ooo. Where I see my self this year I can't shout talkless of 5 years. Dem no born Dem mama well say from now to December make I for  Don blow big time. I see myself at the top international figure 8.

What advice do you have for Young hustling Nigerians out there?

Brothers and sisters what ever the Lord put in your hands do, if the thing is in your body, show it. If it is in  your mouth say it out! No matter where you are coming from no matter how hard it looks like, all things are possible for them that knows God, and make sure you don't involve yourself in any criminal act, stay fucus to your dreams and aspirations (it is possible) Gbebodyeh for me.

Thanks for your time...

You're welcome... Gbebodyeh!

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