Greatly, BANJUARE BOKI FESTIVAL has come and gone, but the experience can never be wiped out. Yes! It has passed, but it will always come again. It wasn't really easy for Organizing Committee. Special Thanks to A. G. Akobor, the initiator of the project and to everyone who supported in one way or the other.

The Banjuare Boki Festival has been said to be the rebranding of the Boki festivals. 

A Section of Crowd at the Day 2 of Banjuare Boki Festival | Wula, Boki, Nigeria

The event was aimed at building unity among the Boki people and communities. It intended to showcase the Boki tourist sites so as to attract investors and make Boki a destination of first choice.

The primary objective of the BANJUARE BOKI FESTIVAL is to provide Boki culture awareness through social, political and educational programming. The organization determination is to provide strong leadership, accountability, collaboration, diversity, quality and integrity in achieving it's goals. The Banjuare Boki Initiative is charged with the sole purpose of organizing annual Boki Cultural Festival/Carnival and showcasing of Boki ecotourism each year. 

The VISION for Banjuare Boki Festival is to see Boki community to be accepted as an integral part of Cross River State, Nigeria and international melting pot socially, politically and educationally. 

Hundreds of Boki families and individuals have called such old six clans as (Boje,  Abo, Eastern Boki, Irruan, Osokom 1 and 2) their home and have contributed immensely to the fabric of Boki society for many years. The group projection is to see Boki become a destination of first choice in 5 years from now.

The Maiden Edition of Banjuare Boki Festival rolled from 13th - 18th August 2019 August 2019

Rev. Fr. Michael Obi (Chairman of Boki Language Committee), PST. John Ewa (PDP Candidate for Boki Chairmanship Poll), others pictured at the openning event

The 2019 Banjuare Boki Festival officially kicked off on Tuesday 13th August at Palm resort Bashua in Boki local government area, Cross River State with a large crowd of Bokians in celebration of the blessings of the nation.

The event which purposes a 6-days of celebration was themed "Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement; and effort and courage cannot be achieved without purspose, direction, hope and confidence.

Speaking at the opening of the event, Mr. A. G. Akobor, the Convener of the event welcome all attendees expanding the reasons behind the birth of the historic event. According to Akobor "The Banjuare Boki event will help in fostering unity amongst Boki communities".

Present at the openning day event was Former Chairman of Boki Security Committee and PDP Candidate for Boki Change Poll, Pst. John Ewa, Chairman of Boki language committee, Rev. Fr. Mike Obi and a host of others.

Dr. Martina Apie, Mr. Obi Ekwo, pictured at the Day 2 of Banjuare Boki Festival in Wula, Boki

Day-2 which was hosted in Wula Community had at least 1000 Boki people in Attendance. It was quite astonishing and interesting with Music, Dance, Comedy and More. Wula Community appreciated Banjuare Boki Festival 2019.

Contestants at Tourist Hotel, Wula Community, Boki LGA

Before the kickoff of the festival on 13th August 2019, over 15 Contestants for Mr and Miss Boki World ( Formerly Kesad Ne Buseh Boki pageant) camped at Tourist Hotel, Wula Where they where auditioned and trained for about 7 days before being transferred to Late Amb. M.T Mbu's Residence in Okundi, Boki LGA.

Minutes After being Crowned Winners

The Grand Finale of the 2019 Mr and Miss Boki World Pageant took place on saturday 17th Day of August with Mbina John Bisong (Kesad) and Ajima Mildred Akpi (Buseh) crowned winners of the competition. The event hosted in Okundi Lodge, M.T Mbu avenue, Boki local government area of Cross River State.

Contestants Back Stage

The Grand Finale of the Pageantry was splendid and entertaining. In the words of Mr. Zebis Prince; "The audience was treated to mouthwatering pieces of musical, Dance and Comedy arts by a fleet of inspiring Boki entertainment Stars". 

The night was mesmerized by sumptuous plots of artistry led by PERO E, CHALLENGE NJI, NARROW 12, SEXZY MARTINNA, JAY CYPHER, MIGHTY CORNEL, Matrix Masters and Daddy Shioke etc. 

Four Months After the kickoff of Banjuare Boki Festival in Bashua Community, the winners of the Mr and Miss Boki World 2019 pageant, Mr Mbina John Bisong and Queen Ajima Mildred Akpi Received A Car/Price Award in Calabar on Friday 13th December 2019.

Hosting the Award Presentation in calabar flows with the vision of the Banjuare Boki Initiative to promote the Boki people and culture to the outside world, thereby exploring other opportunities. 

Banjuare Boki Festival was explicitly amazing, stunning and bewildering. It has come and gone, but it will always come again.

Our Sincere Appreciation Goes to the Humanity Inspiration Network (HIN), an organization with difference who had powered the event and other organizations and individuals who endorsed, Supported, Encouraged and those who  criticized this project. You're Loved.

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Thanks a bunch! 👊

Get Ready to Support Banjuare Boki Festival 2020

Pospi Otuson
Editor-In-Chief, Boki Blog
Media Strategist, Banjuare Boki Festival 2019

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