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Murder remain a taboo and  sacrilegious to the people of this clan,  Beebo/Bumaji. I suppose other part of Boki ought to approach  murder issues as such. But that is not truely the case with our brothers from Osokom axis. If it were?  why should the Osokom people tolerate killings in the past including killings as a result of struggle for estate that exited long before most of the actors were born?  Now,  let look at murder issues as treated in Beebo/Bumaji. 

Murder related Cases are broadly classified into three categories: intentional killing,  (murder) accidental killing (manslaughter) and suicide. 
Here, we'll talk about how  the first two are handled which​ has brought peace and harmony in the land,  from time immemorial.
 The lighter of them is manslaughter, either by hunting or by playing, the people around the place of the incident including your family members   would distance themselves from the murderer even though, all those present at the scene would all go on a short period øf exile. The murderer will be treated from that moment as a leper. He will stay outside the village in the open forest whether rain or shine, his seat, plate that food is served him at a distance  and every other thing he touches,  no one would touch them again. His family will be ostracized from the market, the drinking steam and all common activities in the village. The entire community in turn can't go to other villages in their neighborhood, the entire community and all other adjourning villages can't go to farm and touch anything that can be replanted, you only go to farm to carry food for consumption,  until after seven days. The person that commit manslaughter is then led to the police for their own investigations then,  into exile for not less then seven years after all rituals including a COW (Mpoh) not a cattle have been satisfactory carried out, 

 Bear in mind that,  anyone who disobey the observance of the rules have he/herself to blame. If you doubt this,  maybe, from the biblical angel then find out who late Rev. P. M Ashike was. Of course, he was a renowned sectional Leader of Assemblies of God church who refused to obey the rules any time an accident occurs, but got killed in his own house after retirement, a house he built where a woman that was murderer was buried. He opened a church in an abandoned house where someone committed suicide among other infractions. 
The implications as it is with most victims is that, if you disobey the rules you either get killed or you kill someone no matter how long it takes,  and then subject your family to challenges and  hardship. I can go on and on to illustrate how every such incidences  have links with violations  or mistakes  done or made. 

This analysis is for manslaughter, which is considered  at least mild,  accidental or mistake. 

In the real case of intentional murder such as this, the penalty is even more severe and enormous. 

Before the murderer is handed over to the police,  not even your family will be allowed into your house if any, your farm and everything about you will be destroyed. 
In the event that you are  eventually freed or discharged by the court of law, because most of such cases people hardly do follow up in court, then,  Your  exile must be in distance land where you are not to set your eyes on anyone from the community in your life time again including your family if they want to co habits with others in the same community. This means even your family will reject you. 

In our present predicament in Osokom,  I  am not surprise that the Osokom people  have condone so much and for so long,  it is now robing on them. The only way out of this is for all well meaning Osokom people to come out and identify those involved either directly or by way of conspiracies.  While  the perpetrators are to go for life time exile, those who conspire should be given some terms of exile depending on their level of involvement.  Covering some people up  because of their relationship or friendship with someone  shall spell greater doom,  such person covering up should be treated as a conspirator​. This can as well spell doom in the years ahead if not detected. And sorry to defer again with the pastors who are already preaching forgiveness for these known faces and murderers in our mix,  we would be  postponing the evil days.

 I don't see the possibility of  those who lost love ones to live with these  careless men who murdered them,  moving freely with their own families on the street of Boki. The best we can think of is to exile them beyond the shores of Cross River State. 

 My heart quake as every other Boki man. My condolences to the families, the entire community and Boki Nation for this senseless killings. 

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