Smooth, urbane, intellectual and smart, Reverend Father Bob Etta was born this day in 1970, and it is worthy that we celebrate him for his life, his work in the vineyard of the Almighty and service to the human family. Not many men possess the equanimity to divide their service so equitably between God and Caesar, and still earn the applause of worshipers at the cathedral and the palace of the king.

Born on June 27,1970, at Maternity/Hospital, Moniaya, in Ogoja to the family of late Sir / Lady Peter Etta (teacher and nurse), both of Boki local government area, the young Bob studied at Mary Knoll College, Okuku before proceeding to Bigard Memorial Seminary, Ikot Ekpene, for Philosophical studies for four years. He then moved to Bigard Memorial Seminary, Enugu for another four years of Theological studies, at the end of which he was ordained a Catholic priest by Most Reverend Joseph Edra Ukpo in July 1995. He has also earned a Master's degree in New Testament Studies from the University of Calabar, while working as a priest of the Lord.

Popularly addressed as " Father Bob" his arrival into the cannibalistic world of politics is perhaps the widest window unto his life for those who have never been his parishioners. He has managed to pick his way carefully around the hall of power and the boobytraps that are a natural pathway of Boki politics, leaving no one in doubt about his intellectual profundity, organisational abilities and peace building disposition. Today, even the Boki people, such as we are, are agreed that where there is strife, Father Bob, would sort it out. And it is no mean feat to earn that accolade amongst my people.

A philosopher by training, an orator by nature, generous of spirit and pocket, socialite within the narrow boundaries of his calling, Father Bob Etta is a good man. And it is to the glory of the Almighty that he celebrates his birthday today. Happy birthday to a man whose happiness lies only in the knowledge that all the brethren have been equitably served.

By Dominic Kidzu

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