Boki local government was carved out of Ikom local government on 1st October,1990 and officially declared on August 1991. 29 years after the local government was created, the volume of development is shamefully slow. 

We've been made to understand that Boki is the second largest LG in Cross River state by landmarks and population, also one of the most underdeveloped area in the state. Can you imagine? Have you ever spent time to think about this?

Boki Development Forum (BDF), a development advocacy association and NGO of the Boki elite had came up to see how this issue could be tackled. But where are they now? What level of development have they achieved? Was the forum for political purpose? What did they do for Boki as a forum? Many questions, but can we get answers? 

We were even hearing about 'Boki Think Thank' who held their 1st annual development conference in Calabar on Saturday April 13, 2013, convened by Dr. Pius Tawo. What have all this groups contributed to the development of our great Boki Nation? 

The second largest LG in the state can't boast of a commercial banking institution, we can't proudly say we have light, are our health centers functioning properly? No, do they lack facilities? Yes. Who is really concerned about the development of Boki? Closely nobody! 

Educational? Our educational standard is poor! No University, No Polytechnic, No college of education, no Government Health institution, No Jamb Accredited CBT Center. We have people who can make this happen. But who will abandon his own personal gain for the benefits of his people, shame! 

This is why Late Chief Okurishi, the first administrative chairman of Boki local government area will always be remembered for his strides for the development of Boki. Also, the immediate past chairman Chief Abubaka Ewa took steps but no cooperative backings (this will be a story for another day).

Boki Renaissance Magazine began their part in the development of Boki through writing. It was a welcome idea. But did they continue? What happened? 

Today, Young Boki Sons and Daughters are coming up with ideas that will foster development in our dear nation, but the get discouraged when no one supports their ideas. 

As a Blogger, I have been writing about Boki for sometime now, I can't possibly pretend that everything is alright. Yes! We're blessed naturally, aside our natural gift, things aren't just right? 

We Need Economic, Industrial, Infrastructural and Educational Development In Boki Local Government Area. 

Boki is one of the local government Areas in Cross River state with the highest number of out of school graduates who are all over the streets of Lagos, Abuja, Calabar and other cities and when they decide to return home, the only option is farming since there are no opportunities here. 

The Economic well-being of our great Boki nation must be revived and of course we at Boki Blog have taken steps as we organised a 2-day business seminar tagged 'BOKI BUSINESS CONFERENCE 2019' which will be an annual event to help young Boki people build an entrepreneurial spirit to build great businesses and develop Boki. 


1. Is anyone concerned about the development of Boki? 

2. Is Boki underdeveloped because of the attitude of its citizens? 

3. Is there no public - private partnership aggreement toward development in boki?

4. Is it because Boki haven't produced a governor? 

5. Are our youths jobless because they're lazy? 

6. Why are they no government higher institutions In Boki? 

7. Why are there no commercial financial institutions in Boki? 

8. What do we do as citizens to develop our land? 

9. What do we do? 

My dear brothers and sisters, we must not hide how we feel, if there's anything we must do, any suggestion at all, any advice let us know. Together we can achieve a developed BOKI 


Pospi Otuson 
Boki Blog (Boki's First Online magazine)

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