The victory would have been won by the APC candidate Sen. John owan Enoh but for Satanism of the highest order within the APC stood their ground and ensured its never saw the light. 

It is very clear that the Distinguish Senator. John Enoh is no longer a fairweather politician, he is a movement. He has gone far beyond just a politician.

With the high level of Satanism played by certain APC party men, using all apparatus at their disposal to frustrate the victory of the candidate of the APC in person of John Owan Enoh  with fabricated and sponsored court witch hunting to reduce the numbers of the supports of Crossriverians for the APC candidate, as if they are mention in the race not even a hand full shall vote the APC. This plan was masterminded by the PDP using certain members of the APC to get it workable as a tool against the APC candidate, who they are so afraid of facing in the contest. 

Statistically, Owan Enoh prove a wide and clearing doubt that the larger number of Crossriverians wanted him into the office of the governor mostly in this falling state of the State, when almost everything we see and hear about development in the state is rather story or a more painted story with no visibility.

The Heroic Nature in Owan Enoh is second to non. He has won my trust and love. He is not greedy or die there politician who will not want to leave an occupied seat. He always see how to fix in into the lapsing office to effect positive change. He did that from state house to Reps and to Senate now he left the senate to effect change in the state. If is any other politician he will prefer to stay in the senate and pretend not to see the lapses  and mis governance of the PDP but a hero always desire  fighting for his people's liberation.

Howbeit, we saw the mass rigging of election cut across the state because power must be kept with them for continuation of the murdering of our dear state.

He is my Hero.
In my usual docility and complacency, i have accepted the shady results, even with all its attendant irregularities, lies, manipulations, electoral flaws, cacophonies and misappropriations. Nevertheless Owan still Remain my Hero.

I am calling on the National Working Committee of our great party to look for a lasting solution in disciplining certain saboteurs who had played anti party and robbed us of victory.

  Lastly, the spirit of oneness must return, and rewards should be given  both to those who had work tirelessly and those who had kept the party when it was not this strong. 
God bless the leadership of the APC.
God bless APC
God bless Nigeria.

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