By | Zebis Prince

The wind and dust of 2019 general elections is finally being plowed to quietness leaving the aftermath with trailing feelings of victory and vanquish. In the light of this mix emotions, I want to create a lithograph of accolades to commend the ingenuity of our leaders and many loyal political parties faithfuls who regurgitated a patriotic sense of responsibility as replicated in the resounding victory so far recorded in the 2019 elections. We have survived another nervous and torrid political period where opposing interests  have strained and exasperated relationships amongst friends and relatives to point of disjointedness creating disaffection and inimical tendencies among followers of political various blocs. 

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Seldom are people's extremely-bled sacrifices for a novelty course recognised and accorded due plaudits in our society especially when it has to do with politics and electioneering. Persons who bear the locus of steering the victory of these national adventures are rather incriminated with name-calling and vengeful slandering when they should actually be shoulder-padded with approvals and celebration they truly earned. 

Our leaders and patriotic citizens who painstakingly render everything for the success of these elections are often served with unkind recompense damming recourse to pressures and shortfalls they dealt  with to manage the victories of these elections.

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Without much ado, the leaders of  Boki nation deserves a million dollar THANK YOU for their unquantifiable effort to maintain peace and ensure a free, fair and credible elections in the Local Government Area. I want to chisel this trophy of recognition in no particular order and with no intention to undermine anyone.

From the pinnacle are great Boki Statesmen and women who are holding towering profundity in taking Cross River State and Nigeria at this time of our nationhood to dream destination. Many may Query this claims however, when deliberate enquiry is done on the progress ratio Cross River, it will be amazing how many miles apart we've left many states that are finding our back. This we owe largely to those who have piloted the affairs of this State at different times. Their relevance and quota to nation-building is a fat lump in the index of national pride and their proclivities in the 2019 elections did go noticed, admired and deeply appreciated. 

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To OTU FREDALINE AKANDU- PARAMOUNT RULER OF BOKI LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA. Our dear father, thank you and your entire traditional institution for consecrating the land of Boki and blessing it with peace before the elections. Throughout this polls, Boki never had a drop of blood fell to the ground an unusual trademark which  is directly connected with your traditional security measures put in place.

We witnessed something phenomenal in the course of our campaigns. Residents of crises communities exchanged visits and familiarities as they share in the spirit of Boki development. This was yet the highest point of our victory. We will consolidate on these reflections of peace amongst these differential communities together with your institution and build peace in all Boki communities. THANK YOU OTU-BONCHI.

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To DR. PIOUS TAWO - THE CHAIRMAN, CROSS RIVER STATE GOVERNING COUNCIL/CHAIRMAN OCHIBE BOKI. Your father-figure and role came through the shadows of every eyelids and drowned to our hearts in gratitude. Thank you for not withholding your all in playing host to critical Boki PDP family meetings during the 2019 elections, and for being there through thick and THIN. THANK YOU SIR.

To HON. Dan Osim-Asu - CROSS RIVER STATE COMMISSIONER FOR WORK/LEADER OF BOKI. You work round to clock tirelessly to see that every position in this elections came through for the PDP, and this you did with little or no drops of hearty cheers from us your own party men and women. Not withstanding you defied nights and the scotch to make this victory tasty. THANK YOU for leading by example.

To Barr. TINA BANKU AGBOR - SECRETARY TO STATE GOVERNMENT. You were almost omnipresent in the course of every activities of this elections denying self of rest and your personality gait just to guarantee the victory we are celebrating today. Your motherly touch in every arrangement, plans and activities ramped up this success. THANK YOU MADAM.

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To YOUR EXCELLENCY, AMBASSADOR, SONI O. ABANG - ERSTWHILE PDP STATE PARTY CHAIRMAN. You are the great unsung hero who played from the gallery and pulled a tsunami of stakes and results that largely made up this victory. You were the masquerade of the shrine whose dance effect multiplied and shook the polity. THANK YOU SIR.

The great pen pusher of our time and our Boss in the art of writing. You could have been undone with overwhelming responsibilities if your capacities were not to be elastic and your commitment savory. Your ability to multi-task came bare with blazing saturation of the public with every bit of your effort. THANK FOR BEING A GREAT ASSET TO BOKI.

TO HON. JOE OBI BISONGDG, CATERPILLAR CAMPAIGN ORGANIZATION. Your discipline and unassuming collected sense of organization. Your pragmatic and charismatic treads of leadership sundered the campaign enterprises of NTUFAM Dr. Sandy Onor - Senator-elect which played the frontal role to his victory. You were the unknown confidant that brokered most high-profile negotiations for the PDP in the State. THANK YOU SIR.

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TO BARR. ATTAH OCHINKE ESq. AN INDEFATIGABLE, EPITOME OF LOYALTY. Like any other times, you never star in the headlines but your contribution volume has  always been a mass of weight. You came all out and deployed your talismanic wits and your resources to hand us this well deserved victory. You are dense political cover for the PDP in Cross River State and beyond. THANK YOU SIR.

To HON EDWARD E. OGON - ERSTWHILE IKOM/BOKI HOUSE OF REPS MEMBER. All around you were stunning energies of victory before  the polls and this you made a spectacle of with the flooding of the opposition in your polling Units. You are a sagacious, prompt deliverer. THANK YOU for giving your all Sir 

To -RT. HON BARR. JAKE OTU EYIA - I saw the zest in you bleeding an uncommon diligence and total commitment for the  victory of all PDP candidates in the just concluded elections. You effort stood like an edifice and went a long way to win us this three-score-meal victory. THANK YOU SIR.

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To LADY VERA Obi-Bessong - STATE WOMEN LEADER - PDP. You were the lioness that dared every jungle in a bit to savor this sumptuous victory Cross River State is exhilarating. I saw you command the influence and control of a queen whose kingdom is under siege and it behooves on her to chart against the invaders. You made this Victory happen with ocean drops of your sacrifice. THANK YOU MADAM.

TO REV. FATHER BOB ETTA - THE PRIEST THAT LED FROM THE FRONT. I reckon the victory of the PDP in the 2019 elections proportionately to your spiritual holding as a priest of God. As many devotions and intercessional prayers you made in your quiet and in public were like John the Baptist going ahead of the PDP and perfecting the victory. Please kindly accept this gratitude on the behalf of all men and women of God who consistently prayed for the elections and prayed specifically for the PDP to win. God answered all your prayers. THANK YOU.

To HON. ABUBAKAR EWA - DG PDP CAMPAIGN ORGANIZATION - BOKI LGA (THE POLITICAL PARAMOUNT RULER OF BOKI). Your political astuteness, smartness and Grassroot delivery is reverberating in the 2019 elections victory. Your handling of the campaigns in Boki and the execution of winning strategies are testimonials of your great capabilities. THANK YOU SIR.

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To MR. VICTOR ABANG (MATURE) - HOUSE OF REPS CANDIDATE APC. I owe you a depth of gratitude for stepping in the scene and fought gallantly like an experienced young lion. You made Boki proud with that strong political will exerted in the whole process. You contributed to make this victory garnished and palatable. You have once again shown just how plural your political fist can be. Many good things are gathering up for you because you have shown that character of a go-getter. THANK YOU SIR.

To. HON. CLETUS Obun - FACTIONAL HOUSE OF REPS CANDIDATE APC. You will always be a pin man in Boki Politics. With regards to 2019 elections, I'm thanking you for constituting the internal competition that put your party contemporaries on their feet to make this elections delectable. You and your fraction did a great job including the unnecessary distraction of the persons that were adequately prepared for this elections. If not for your sadist disposition, we in the PDP may have had it more tougher. THANK YOU ALL THE SAME.

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To. RT. HON. DR. ITAM ABANG - MEMBER-ELECT BOKI1 STATE CONSTITUENCY - CRSHA. Your doggedness, mastery of pressure, quintessential disposition and public service philosophy drained you every bit to make sure the PDP and yourself won this elections. This elections have come along way to prove how unparalleled you are in giving your all for a course. You are never broken by any hit. I watched your deafening courage hand you this victory at last after stepping on dire odds to sacrifice for other candidates success. THANK YOU MADAM.

To RT. HON. HILLARY BISONG - MEMBER-ELECT, BOKI11 STATE CONSTITUENCY, CRSHA. Your energy, collectedness and political balance has amplified in the magnitude cerebral stunts you pulled throughout the period of this election. You went out of your way to be a solid catalyst your election and those of other PDP officers elect.  You earned the people’s trust the second time because you have shown just what it takes to serve. You gave everything for this victory and indeed you deserved it. THANK YOU SIR.

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To BARR. SABASTINE ANYIA - BOKI1 HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY CANDIDATE - APC. Your sense of purpose, determination and intention deserves accolades. You are a strong man who withstood all damming intricacies from the almighty PDP and gave a fight commensurate for a man of no mean regards. Thank you for heating the system really hard and for helping the polity to appreciate electioneering. THANK YOU SIR.

To LADY PAULINA KAKA NYIAM - BOKI11 HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY CANDIDATE - APC. You came, saw but could not conquer as a person but we won together sister. This victory is for all of us. There was a fight because you fought tough. There are not so many ladies like you. Weldon for putting up such a grueling contest. On the occasion of your birthday, I ask the best to catch up with you in that plane of exceptionality you have pulled a ride from. THANK YOU MADAM.

To HON. BETTE OBI - CHAIRMAN FORESTRY COMMISSION. Your Contribution stemmed a rising that breathed the huge peace Boki1 enjoyed in this elections. You didn't stop there as you awaken your political estate to turn in their yield of votes for all the PDP candidates elected. A big THANK YOU for standing tall for the PDP. 

To HON IKOBI IKOBI CAPACITY DG ITAM ABANG CAMPAIGN ORGANIZATION. You displayed unequivocal master-class delivery of the mandate. You showed just how integrated your tentacles have spread in the political business. THANK YOU SIR. 

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To MR. ERASMUS EKPANG - DG HILARY BISONG CAMPAIGN ORGANIZATION. You have shown great stewardship by handling the team that returned Doro Fresh. You are not a political weight of mean stature. THANK YOU for make this possible.


To THE BOKI LOCAL GOVERNMENT PDP COLLATION AGENT, MR. PATRICK ODOK AND THE ELEVEN PDP WARD COLLATION AGENTS. All the polling Units Agents in Boki LGA THANK YOU for working hard to protect every vote cast for the PDP. You didn't sell the trust in your bequeathal. All of us were the real heros. GOD BLESS US. 

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To HON. KINGSLEY MBIA. HON. RICHARD AGBOR. HON. ASSAM ENU. HON. FESTUS ABANG. HON. MIKE LEKU AYUK. CHIEF MICHAEL ABANG. DR. KINGSLEY ABANG. MR. ERIC A. OGAR. CHIEF MONIQUE OKON. MR. MIKE NKE. and all the class of June 12th Politicians, I am specially raising a diadem in honor of your selfless Quota for the outcome of this elections. THANK YOU SIRES. 

To BARR. JAMES ATIBILI, HON. SAMMY ANKWO, MR. KELVIN NJONG. MR. DENIS OSANG. HON. EMMA OBI. HON. PHILIP OJUA. MR. ARMSTRONG ATIM. HON. ISAAC KEKUNG. HON. DUOGLAS OGAR. MR. NAPOLEON BESSONG. BARR. CLEVERTY NJONG. JULIUS KEJUO. MR GEORGE AJANG. MODLIN ODU. PRECIOUS NANDE. LEONARD AKWO. SUNNY SKIPO. AKOBOR AKOBOR. ASU ABANG LEGENDARY. LAMBART NSAN. BEN EBU. JERRY EBU. JIDE. VALENTINE EKWO. All of you have proven your capacities to handle whatsoever clime of public assignments that may be committed to our trust be it Local Government, State or Federal. We are the honeycomb that spiced the flair of our elderly citizens in this elections. Our fingers are skilled already in trading  political merchandises as the experience drawn from this outing will help us harness future political adventures. THANK YOU ALL.

I sincerely meant to bring everyone here possibly but I'm obstructed by the vast volume of political actors from the great Boki nation who birthed this course. Yet in my mind, everyone who joined hands to cave this vehement victory is an unread epistle in the chronicle of my token.

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