When there is a will, there must be a way!

The journey to make realistic the ambition of Rt. Hon. Dr. Itam Abang's reelection was quite a hard nut to crack amidst waves of image battering and mischief enterprises that muscled to displace this strong Woman's gusto in seeking the chance of representing Boki1 for a second term. A flood of interests, antics and scheming from some equally leveled feet aspirants almost withstood the Willpower of this dogged Woman. 

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The permutations and odds made her the most unlikely to herald the final cut. Infact, in the mind and eyes of the rest of us, she was a die cast out. But just when it seems like the last stroke has broken her, and at every turn of descending hope, she'll grapple on courage and soared with defiant  confidence and right here, she has been returned to the Cross River State House of Assembly. Everyone else would have reckoned with the grace God has given to Rt. Hon. Dr Itam Abang in her political sojourn after emerging winner of this Boki1 State poll for the second time. 

Pellets of backlashes thrown by the disgruntled flew helplessly all over the polity to incarcerate the chances of Rt. Hon. Itam Abang's reelection but divine providence gave cover and preserved   this mandate yet again for her. 
There was frenzy of political defamation racketeering the character of Hon. Itam Abang, cooking contentions to break the spirit of as many people that would support her reelection.

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But like the unapologetic vigor of sawblades on the wood, preordained pathways were plugged every now and then as structures fell into place to birth this hope on the fertile ground of reality as it were today.

The victory of Rt. Hon. Itam Abang as a second term member of the CRSHA at the 2019 State polls is the reenactment of trust by the people of Boki1 Constituency on the Lawmaker. The people of this Constituency have sounded more emphasis on the resolve to redefining their political values by placing social development goals ahead of personal emotions and gains. They have stamped on a growth construct that Boki1 Constituency will thrive on for a long spell future by choosing to build within the walls of a structure that will hallow the unity and smooth enterprises of political ventures in the Constituency. Political Stalwarts of great standing across Boki1 came all out and stake their trust and resources in making Hon. Dr. Itam Abang's reelection easier as seen in the wide margin of more than half of total vote cast she pulled ahead of her closest opponent. 

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The demeanor around the reelection of Rt. Hon. Dr. Itam Abang is an outright expression of sated taste for quality representation and experienced legislative dealings. The Rt. Honorable is a cerebrally above-board woman who possess deliberative gait to hold preeminence for any legislative body in the State. Having come close to four decades of political voyaging, and staying a protege to a handful of primordial political leaders in the State and beyond, she has learnt the robe of holding together institutional trust likewise creating and enhancing political values for public offices.

In the running legislative tenure, Rt. Hon. Dr. Itam Abang has milled lumpsome strides for her Constituency and created legislations that are benefiting Cross Riverians and the entire State in this administration. She has been seasoned with people's well-being statecraft having bore her passion for this with eight legislations which includes; the Green Sherrif, Cross River Corporate Social Responsibility Amendment among others.

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Her public office pedigree transcends this four years of legislative spell. Rt. Hon. Dr. Itam Abang has been an apt, trustworthy public servant who has efficiently, diligently and consistently delivered on any State assignments committed to her charge. Constrain of time will not permit me to reel out a profile of her experience Resume here but looking at her last public task as Commissioner with Cross River State Rural Development Agency, She ensured all projects captured in the term of her assignment were judiciously executed. Infact, she insisted on certifying the quality control of each project herself, that is why till today benefiting communities are still fascinating the thoroughness of these jobs.

She is an avalanche of inclusive leadership who has in the course of her political life, built a long chain of followersship. Rt. Hon. Dr. Itam Abang has obligatorily carried people along especially women in politics and other social programs.  She has championed the Advocacy against fractionalism and stood out as an unbiased catalyst for unity.

Going by her personality, she is a detailed, utter person. She is excellence personified with the quality of emitting and controlling excellence.
She understands the importance of keeping to standards and is herself a great custodian of leadership standards. As a loyal and patient politician, Rt. Hon. Dr. Itam Abang endured a great period of tutelage under several political leaders before she was finally given the threshold to come around elective office. Having out-classed the status of toddlers in the gong of legislating, she is one of the best hands to handle precedence in the 9th Cross River State House of Assembly as it stands.

Rt. Hon. Dr. Itam Abang is humble and loyal. She is gentle and accessible always to everyone irrespective of who you are. 

To wind up, her furnished and gliding academic garage career have baked more credence to Rt. Hon. Dr. Itam Abang's capabilities and carriage to be considered for the leadership of the 9th Assembly.

It will be a massive political utility for Cross River State to produce the first Female Speaker for instance in a time where women are still selective of their quest to match men in vying for elective positions in Nigeria, and it will star in all history whose administration this feat will be hewed.

Zebis Prince

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