By Modlin Odu 

Social media is one of the many factors that contributed vis-a-vis to the victory and failure of candidates in the last election. While many Politicians spent a fortune on Media promotion and became too comfortable with "likes, shares, and comments" especially on facebook. Others despite the many head knocks, refused to patronize it which is equally unpleasant maybe underestimating the power of the media. Then those who understood the role of media patronized it for promoting their personalities and making needful information available to the public. 

Firstly is my MP, Ntol Hon. Chris Agibe who before the election, commissioned constituency projects in 18 wards out of 22 wards in Ikom/Boki, he did an historic empowerment of 350 motorcycles, 8 cars, 250 sewing machine, gave out generators and grinding machines in just 3½ years in office even from an opposition party but had no media team to tell the world about all these achievements as such, opposition capitalized on this and got attention of the people on social media hence the heated contest. For me, promoting the candidacy of Hon Agibe Chris was a herculean task but the immediate beneficiaries of his benevolence knew better. 

Hon. Mike Etaba as well have had a fair share of trashing within the social media space. Too quiet, too scarce, too this-too that but very much preferred atleast, for the peace of mind the people enjoy. These two have more social media enemies than friends because opposition made visible, their inactions albeit in the field they had more votes and won, Miraculously!. 

Then, Hon. Speaker John Gaul who is himself, active on social media happens to be in the black book of most popular media influencers to the advantage of Sir Alex Egbonna. The issue based campaign of his team didn't work too well as their counterpart kept attacking his character. Quite an intelligent man but the occasional media gang up against him had it's effects and sadly, he lost! 

#PS: Those who won must be well abreast with the fact that the media, with the right handlers, connects you to a large number of persons at the same time. More than you can handle on a face-to-face meeting. These reachable users shape the perception of the public about their leaders and informs them about activities of their representation. Members are encouraged to patronize it for better appreciation of service delivery. The people should know when necessary, the usefulness of their mandates. 

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