By | Nandi Bette 

There can be no where as welcoming as the forest, I mean tropical rain forest. At noon when the sun is over head, you feel its just day break.

The tree foliage over head shields the sun from heating the floor of the earth. At best, sun rays piercing through tree branches remind one that its not yet night time.

It was wonderful once again doing a trip to Okwangwo, the Boki community tucked in the thick of the heart of Okwangwo Division, Cross River National Park.

On my way to Okwangwo. The route is made motorable by the guts of the people. 

Perhaps in preference to conservation of Fiona and flora, government, international agencies and non-governmental organizations have thrown the welfare of human beings to the dogs.

Not too long ago, Nigerian National Park authorities prevented a Bulldozer hired by the villagers from opening a road to their community.

But the resilient spirit of the Okwangwo man, woman and youth, is legendary.

Admiring The Wonders of Nature 

From Butatong village, the last motor able point, to Okwangwo is approximately 23 kilometres of rugged terrain.  About 5 hours trekking time. 

Using machetes, diggers, hoes and shovels the industrious people have done a motor route through hills, swamps and valleys to the community. Through communal levies, concrete bridges have been constructed over 11 streams.

Motor bykes and 4-wheel drive vehicles now easily access
Okwangwo. Its roughly an hour fifteen minutes ride from Butatong on byke.

Bush Mango Sterm Beautifully Decorated by Parasitic Creepers 

During the 2nd Republic helicopters were used to ferry Electoral materials and personnel to and from the place.
Thereafter. It has been trekking through the forest with materials head bound. 

Elections are here again. This time around, it is obvious that motor bykes will be used to do the needful.

Inspite of the challenge of absence of basic social amenities,  especially modern Health Care facilities, the good people of this Community play hosts to hundreds of CameronIan refugees.

When will government remember Okwangwo, the forgotten community in the forest?

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