Before now, it has been a thing of great concern to me, that in times of election, wives and children of politicians are flown abroad for "safety" only to return when the job is done to reap the harvest of other people's seeds. Many of them don't even know the slogan of their husbands' and fathers' campaign yet, they're the biggest beneficiaries. 

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Wives of most politicians in their angelic paradise of catastrophe don't respond to as small as "good morning" salutations from supporters that hover around their compounds, how much more, to offer them water or food. They place themselves high up there forgetting that they're valueless without the people they treat with disdain.

But, my involvement in the CATERPILLAR MOVEMENT has effortlessly correct this sad impression. That among them, we still have proper women like the wife of my principal, Barr. Gertrude Sandy Onor who was not just visible in the campaign rallies unlike many wives I see these days faking involvement, with unbearable artificials just to create an impression not leaving out their conspicuously arrogant disposition, she is one of the dependable brains behind the success of the campaign organization. A thorough intellectual, almost a perfectionist, wonderful planner and above all, thoughtfully compassionate.

Photo Source: Pius Eliman 

A Woman that is honestly committed to the success of her husband, dedicated to the liberation, growth and development of the people of Central senatorial district. A one of a kind wife, too rare in our political clime.

The 9th Senate needs a proper Senator like Ntufam Dr Sandy Ojang Onor, well pillared by this noble woman. God bless you, Madam. 

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