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Ntol, Honorable Chris Agibe, Member representing Ikom/Boki Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives visited Danare on Tuesday morning to rally for his reelection bit in the the same office come Saturday, February 16th. 

I have been on another long week down to media work with the PDP Cross River State Campaigns. I had dashed to Danare my community on Sunday 10th March to say "hello" to Mummy and Daddy for the new year when I became privy to the the planned visit of Ntol, Honorable Chris Agibe to Danare.  I got premonition "this visit would be epic" after coincidence on the fateful Sunday made me catch a glimpse of Hon. Chris Agibe's APC opposition candidates rally  for the same position (ikom/Boki Federal Constituency) who eventually visited Danare. 

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I saw some residents jeering at the APC candidates after the rally, while others where emitting negative emotions about the conduct and organization of the said rally by the APC visitors.

 Not long I after being intimated about this scheduled Tuesday morning visit of Hon. Agibe, I decided to be available to see the other side of things for myself. 

I was billed to be in convoy of the Caterpillar movement enroute Beebo/Bumaji to cover community Rallies scheduled for that Tuesday, but a strong dissuasion whisked me away to take account of this Hon. AGIBE's visit to my land of nativity and guess what? It was worth every stress. 
As I followed his motorcade down to Danare, we were greeted by a  cheerfully anticipated crowd mix with different age grades of residents. The Chiefs, Elders, Women and children from the two Streets of Danare made it lite for the visitors in a grand reception of songs and chants  of "PDPeeeee"... Immediately, it settled in me that PDP is native to Danare, and Danare is indigenous to PDP. Perhaps even the blood that runs through the veins of a Danare man is mixed with red, green and white.


 The high point of the rally were speech-making moments by selected  Sons of the soil and the visitors. Few Danare politicians and Chairmen of Danare 1 and 2 after welcoming Hon. Chris Agibe and the team,  solicited the Honorable member's aid to ameliorate some of the hacking needs of Danare which includes, completion of the remaining three kilometers road, projects for primary and secondary school, Telecommunications network among other needs. The three-polling Units community pledged to give Ntol, Honorable Chris Agibe and all the PDP candidates bloc votes as a surety for the reciprocation Danare will be expecting from the Green chambers member. 

Responses from Hon. Abubakar Ewa A.K.A Political Paramount Ruler of Boki and Ntol, Honorable Chris Agibe sparked a nerve of affection and emotional pulses as the duo streamed uncommon empathy for the plight of Danare. After recounting the strategically important position of Danare in Boki, Cross River State and Nigerian socioeconomic and political standing, they went ahead to praising the abundant human intellectual resources Danare is blessed with, and eulogized all its children of blessed memories who left the political scenes in high ovation. 
The most feminate affection was exuded by Ntol, Honorable Chris Agibe when he tipped with his words to peak his deep breath impressions about Danare. The Honorable member who almost broke down in tears trying to say the depth of his altruistic feelings for Danare communicated trust, sincerity and ingenuity to all and sundry effortlessly. I saw yet another side, of course, the most beautiful side of the former military personnel who endeared himself to Danare in no small measure. The Honorable duo commended Danare for developmental consciousness as evident in the giant effort  to make motorable the left over road distance. 

Finally, the Honouble has promised to bring telecommunications network to Danare principally to aid security operations in the border area if reelected. He promised to provide a six classroom bloc for the community. And finally, He employed graduates from Danare to involve him in seeking for jobs, and advised strongly against engagement in cultism. He expressed readiness to help certificate holders who will dare to come for his assistance to get jobs.

The Ntol contributed hugely in cash to support Danare community effort for development and showed just how free handed he is to Chiefs, Men, women and the Youths.

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