Calabar, Cross River 

Residents of Abuja, Cross River, and Zamfara states paid the highest bus journey fare within the city in January, according to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) as reported by Premium Times.

The bureau, in its transport fare watch report for January, said residents of Abuja paid an average of N300.27; residents of Cross River paid N307.69 and those in Zamfara paid N302.03 in the month under review.

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The report added that states with lowest bus journey fare within the city were Enugu N125.24, Abia N121.11, and Bauchi N98.28.

The Transport Fare Watch Report for January 2019 covers the following categories – bus journey within the city per drop constant route; bus journey intercity, state route, charge per person; airfare charge for specified routes single journey; journey by motorcycle (Okada) per drop; and waterway passenger transport.

“Average fare paid by commuters for bus journey within the city decreased by -3.60% month-on-month and by -4.78% year-on-year to N175.07 in January 2019 from N181.61 in December 2018,” the report said.

“Average fare paid by commuters for bus journey intercity decreased by -13.90% month-on-month and by 18.43% year-on-year to N1, 541.38 in January 2019 from N1, 790.14 in December 2018”.

It added that states with highest bus journey fare intercity were Abuja N4,100.00; Adamawa N2,290.00 and Ekiti N2,187.50.

States with the lowest bus journey fare within the city were Nasarawa N146.67, Bauchi N958.33, and Zamfara N965.32.

According to NBS, average fare paid by air passengers for specified routes single journey decreased by -3.20 per cent month-on-month and by -7.84 per cent year-on-year to N30,463.86 in January 2019 from N31, 471.62 in December 2018.

States with the highest airfare were Anambra N33,695.03, Abuja N35,000.00, and Jigawa N37,500.00 while states with the lowest airfare were Oyo N24,000.9, Nasarawa N25,000.32, and Katsina N25,000.00.

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