There is No doubt, Tourist attractions have the ability to attract worldwide attention which transcends from not only setting up a physical edifice but also embodies structures or places of natural and physical value. 

Boki, Nigeria is a blessed land in Cross River State full of exciting things. We took some time to compile a list of tourist attractions in Boki that are worth visiting in 2020.

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1. Drill Ranch, Buanchor

Drills are one of Africa’s most endangered primates, Drill Ranch Buanchor is the only place in the world to see natural-sized captive drill groups in natural habitat. Drill Ranch is located in Buanchor, Boki LGA in Cross River State. 

The founders of the drill groups were recovered as orphans after their nursing mothers were illegally shot for bushmeat. Pandrilus have rehabilitated over 85 lone drills into 6 social groups, now bearing a new generation; over 450 drills have been born at the project. There are 5 drill groups, each in their own electric fenced enclosure, powered by solar energy system. 

The enclosures can be reached down different winding paths through the forest; the largest enclosure perimeter is nearly a kilometer around.

2. Cross River National Park

Cross River National Park is a national park located in Boki LGA, Cross River State, Nigeria. It is one of the richest tropical rain forests in West Africa. The park is made up of 2 separate sections namely Okwangwo and Oban. It spans over a total land mass of 720 sqkm, from Kanyan to the foot of Obudu plateau The first part was established in 1988 and the other in 1991.

The Park serves as home to various endemic species of plants and animals ranging from golden potto forest elephants and gorillas to leopards, drill monkeys and red foxes. Cross River National Park features a rich collection of flora and fauna.

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3. Mbe Mountains, Kangang

The Mbe Mountains is located in Kanyang, Boki local government area. It cover an area of approximately 85km² forming an important habitat corridor linking Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary with the Okwangwo Division of Cross River National Park. Lacking any formal conservation status, the Mbe Mountains are traditionally owned by the nine communities that surround the mountain and since 2007 have been managed by the Conservation Association of the Mbe Mountains with support from WCS. 

Rising to heights of 900m the Mbe Mountains are an important stronghold for the critically endangered Cross River gorilla Gorilla gorilla diehli, as well as a number of other unique species such as the Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee Pan troglodytes ellioti, the drill Mandrillus leucophaeus, and the grey-necked rockfowl Picathartes oreas. Forest elephants Loxodonta cyclotis occasionally visit Mbe from Okwangwo.

4. Afi Wildlife Sanctuary

The Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary was created in May 2000 and is managed by the Cross River State Forestry Commission. Protection and research is sponsored by a partnership of NGOs (Pandrillus, Wildlife Conservation Society and its partners) with government. After generations of hunting, Afi’s gorillas, chimpanzees, drills and other endangered species are shy and need a few more years of good protection before they will be easily seen. Afi’s gorillas belong to the most endangered subspecies – the Cross River gorilla. Day hikes or multi-day treks can be arranged by Drill Ranch. There are modest, additional fees required which are collected by Drill Ranch on behalf of the Forestry Commission. 

Afi Mountain is listed as an ‘Important Bird Area’ for Nigeria, and the migratory swallow roost at Boje is one of the largest in Africa. Bird-watchers are welcome, but mist-netting is not permitted except by special arrangement with the state wildlife authority.

5. Bamboo Bridge, Bawop

The Bamboo bridge is another tourist attraction in Boki local government area constructed across Nwul river by villagers of Orunghe-Bawop. Boki, Nigeria.

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