Miss Bukie Okangbe, an aide to Senator John Owan-Enoh the Senator Representing Cross River Central Senatorial District and APC Governorship candidate in Cross River State.

In this interview with Boki Blog, Miss Bukie Okangbe said Emphatically that Boki is ever ready for APC, addressing tending issues and revealing facts about politics in Boki.

Below are the excerpts from the interview.

Q. Following the recent APC Campaigns in Boki, Could you say the APC have dominated over Boki?

Yes! The All Progressive Congress (APC) have done so much work and of course, Yes we're dominating, Cross Riverians are Yeiling for a change at almost every corner, so Boki  is no exception. We in Boki actually need the change more than any other local government.

Q. What can you say about the PDP and APC Politics in Boki?

Well, we all know PDP because we were once in there. But believe me if I say Boki people are more comfortable with APC. The little time we started playing politics under APC you can see changes in our grassroot, you see a sense of belonging but PDP, it's always a different story. Apc will bring out completely the long-lost peace the Boki Nation deserves.

Q. Would you say APC have silenced PDP totally in Boki local government?

I wouldn't say say Totally, But We are almost there. With kind hearted men like Victor Abang, Men with evidences of leadership, we have great women and men that have work hard in their respective communities. Yes APC will take over Boki in the next dispensation. Its in an election period that a lot of people will patronize PDP for the little money they get, but when we take over leadership in May the story will be different.

Q. There had been posts on social media saying the APC Governorship candidate Senator John Owan-Enoh was disappointed somewhere in Irruan as he met empty seats meant to be occupied his supporters. How true could this be?

(Laughs) You make me laugh. My dear, I entered Irruan that day at about 8am after people were calling from all over Boki 11 to find out where the venue was as Irruan was full before 2pm, but what happened was that we toured both Boki 1 and II the same day and when the Senator got to irruan it was late and believe me the crowd was still wonderful at night. I actually felt so sorry for house wives that couldn't go home and cook for their husbands and children. Irruan was great even though we had some unfortunate incident PDP planted but thank God we all are alive today. OWAN ENOH never meet empty seats

Q. Can you say your principal, I mean the senator Owan-Enoh will  get a reasonable vote from the Boki people?

Boki people love Owan Enoh! Owan have a large family in boki including people in the People's Democratic Party. Owan is a boss (Oga) to every young Man and Woman in Boki. Owan till today still pays salaries in Boki and owan will be the game changer for Boki, Owan will bring in a higher institution in boki, The General hospital in onitsha farm will work only through Owan. When Boki had crises owan enoh was the only government officer that showed support to the Oku/Borum people so Boki people knows all this.

Q. Senator John Owan-Enoh has contributed a lot to the peace in Boki now, but the glory seem to be accredited to the State Governor Ben Ayade, What can you say about this?

Sometimes its better that way, Owan Enoh normally get the heavenly glory. The Grace owan carries is a supernatural grace. OWAN ENOH has rescued my Governor Ayade in so many occasions, but one thing i know is that one day he will look back and thank him. Most of the communal crisis in Cross River central, Owan Enoh always respond first.

Q. Following the Amnesty Programme of the state Government, Obi Iron the leader of the Self acclaimed Boki Freedom Fighters was reportedly said to have joined the People's Democratic Party (PDP). Are you aware of this?

Who in their right mind will not praise the Governor for giving my brother Obi Iron and other young Boki men who were fighting for their right amnesty, its a good approach. Defecting to PDP?Everybody have the right to politic in any platform they like but the important and paramount thing is friendship.  Obi iron may be in APGA or YPP he is still a friend of Owan Enoh, Victor Abang's (mature) brother and Bukie's brother.

Q. Can you predict the election outcome ahead of February 16th and March 2nd?

Glory to God His Excellency Dist. Senator John Owan-Enoh is the one awaiting swearing in come may 29?

Q. What Advice do you have for Boki politicians?

My advise and prayers for Boki Politicians boki is for them to play wise. It's high time we move for looking for Money to eat and face bigger things, we have alot of professionals that can play politics in federal and above, let us look beyong the state politics. God bless.

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