In line with her commitment to encourage Youths in Boki II State Constituency to excel in their chosen human endeavours, the APC Boki II State House of Assembly candidate, Barr Paulina Kaka Nyiam, has demonstrated her unflinching support to Youths by sponsoring a female football tournament.

Barr. Paulina Kaka Nyiam flanked By Other Dignatries At The Football Tournament 

The tournament tagged “Boki II Unity Cup” was to encourage female talented Youths in the constituency who have passion for football.

Kaka a barrister  and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, has continuously assured that if elected to the House of Assembly she will in addition to providing good  legislation, use political power to better the lives   of her  constituents.

Captain of the Queens United of Kakwagom raising up their trophy 

The soccer event was witnessed by football lovers and a mammoth crowd who cheered Barr Nyiam's uncommon support for the tournament.

Kaka's aspiration has continued to received tremendous accolades from the nooks and crannies across Boki II State Constituency as the elections holds March 2nd 2019.

This Summarizes an interview session with Barr. Paulina Kaka Nyiam 

Queens United of Kakwagom and Young Angels of Bansan with customized jersey by donor. 

Boki Blog: What Really Motivated You To Host This Competition?

People love sport and particularly football. The aim of the  competition is  to use it as a platform to sell my candidature to the Boki 2 people and at the same time encourage our young girls to develop and showcase talent not just in sport but in other areas.  if I can come this far in politics as a lady ,I needed the  girls to know that they can exhale and become stars as female footballers.

Boki Blog: What can you say to the youths in regards to this competition

I want them to seize every opportunity available to them to develop their God given talents.

Boki Blog: It has been reported that you had awarded scholarships to some of the players, how true is this and what can you say to those of them that performed excellently?

Yes I gave one year scholarship to the youngest player who participated in the  competition. To encourage her go to school while she pursue her career in football. Education is a key  to her success.

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Boki Blog: The planning committee where selecting players. What are your plans for the selected players?

Whether or not I am elected, plans are ongoing to form a female football team. we will hire good and competent coaches that will coach them with modern standard and expose the girls to opportunities to play outside the local government. 

Donor Addressing the players before kickoff 

Boki Blog: The competition was termed the first of its kind in the Boki nation, do we hope to see something like this again?

yes annually God willing

Boki Blog: The people expressed an exciting spirit during the competition, do you believe they would approach politics with the same spirit?

There is nothing that units people like sport, the tournament have no doubt earned me  a lot of votes even though the participants may not be of voting age, their families will give me their votes.  I was in a wedding when a woman approached me and said to me  my daughter participated in your competition and for that my family and I  will vote for you. I got an over whelming support through the competition and am glad I organized the competition and will say that I achieved the aim of organizing the tournament.

Barr. Paulina Kaka Nyiam flanked by supporters in Agba Community 

Boki Blog: 'Agba 1 & 2 Communities  stoos agor for you on new year day and have  pledged to give  you  their support for election into the Boki II State House' please how true is this?

Even though my opponent is a son of Agba, I was given a very warm reception in fact it was electrifying, that explains one thing! Our people are yarning for a change!

Boki Blog: It's indeed a good one, but which major communities do you believe to get the most votes come March 2?

The hunger for change is all around Boki II I can feel it! And  I glorify the Almighty for that.

You are in some way related to Hon Gerald Odok, does it not matter to you that he is the Campaign DG of your opponent?

(Laughs) Am a member of the APC and Hon Odok is of the PDP. Now the excuse could be that Gerald took that appointment before I declared my intention to contest, but you see that is what makes us different, if I am Gerald to keep my integrity, I will resign from that appointment because there is a conflict of interest.

Boki Blog: That's serious, what advice do you have for the electorates ahead of the elections of March 2nd?

I want my people of Boki 2 state consistency with their resolved to give me their votes and   be assured that I am that voice they need and the one to change bring the change they deserve.

Boki Blog: Are you not worried or scared that you are contesting against an incumbent?

Not at all, elections to me is like any other contest there must be a winner and a loser. And I am resolute on running the elections and prepared for whatever the outcome will be.

Boki Blog: In the entire State, the All Progressive Congress, APC gave tickets to only two women. you are one of them and the only female state house candidate in cross river Central. How do you feel about that and do you think women are being carried alone in your party APC?

I have been partisan in politics since 2007. I did not join politics because am a woman, so I can wipe sentiment for 35& women affirmation, and face politics like evey other person. I'm not new in the system, I am in politics because I believe with political power I can better the lives of my people. I like to use this opportunity to encourage women to be partisan in politics and not to wait to be favoured by the implementation of 35& female affirmation.

Boki Blog: Regarding Other Political Positions in the state and the constituency, which other politicians will you advise your people to vote for? 

Senate John Enoh -Owan Enoh for Governor, senator Victor Ndoma Egba for Senate, Cross River Central senatorial District, and sir victor Abang aka mature for Ikom/Boki federal house of reps.

Boki Blog: There have been rumours that you're working for the Hon. Hilary Bisong and that you'll step down for him in due time, what can you say about this?

Glory to God that have what  it takes  to represent my people, am confident I will get the support of the good  People  of Boki 2 who are yearning for a change. There is nothing like that and such a thing will never happen.

Boki Blog: Thanks for your time 


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