In an elaborate gathering that cut across political parties, self sentiment and interests organized by Rev PJ Ochang with his Boki youths in Abuja today the 22nd of January.

The meeting was well attended by many Boki sons and daughters and some lovers of the Clergyman, at the Nyanya Government Primary School. The clergy, Rev Ochang was so much impressed by the conduct of those who attended the meeting. He spoke passionately, about how violence has never profited anyone, how its only benefit is regrets and crime stain before the law.

He pleaded that as the general elections are drawing close, and many people will be travelling home to their various polling units to exercise their franchise, they should do so with the consciousness that no candidate's ambition is worth their Conscience or should cause them to afflict pain or death on any human in the sake of winning election. We all are brothers and sisters so as such we must not allow evil minded and desperate politicians to influence us to cause pain or sorrow to ourselves, shun them! If the give you money to do evil shun them! Ask them to bring their sons or daughter to do the job. We must go home and be good ambassadors as we preach the message of " vote not riot". 

The Clergyman, went further to remind the crowd of the biblical injunction that says "An evil man runneth when no one pursue him" (proverb 28:1), hence they should stay away from electoral violence as that also constitutes evil.

The meeting was a very huge success as individuals express feelings and happiness those who are cards carry party members of different political party support this initiative and promise to sell out the "vote not riot" message to their polling units.

The meeting ended with the set up committee that was tasked to preach this message in all wards in Boki Begin on the 1st of February.

The Reverend Pastor, emphasised that much and too much blood has been shed in Boki land in recent time so we must not allow the election spirit of evil politicians to start up another blood bath again. Good will be done and evil be put to shame as we go out and shun their evil plot of violence.

God bless Boki nation.

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