Incumbent governor’s aide and Commissioner for Lands and Housing, Hon. (Eld) John Inyang has, in the stead of the state governor reacted to a publication by Cross River Daily alleging that the governor, Sen. Benedict Ayade made a huge donation amounting to about N2 billion to the Buhari Campaign Organization (BCO), a body tasked with ensuring the seating president of Nigeria, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari gets re-elected.

The governor dismissed the information as “fake” and the allegation, as a “very cheap blackmail”.

In Eld. John’s view, the source (still anonymous) is an agent of the All Progressive Congress (APC) who is already living in fear of the hoped outcome of the incoming election, a reason he (the source) has resorted to “propaganda and blackmail instead of presenting their party’s ideology and manifestos or showing a scorecard”.

“Only those who reason with their ‘bombom’ can believe or be bothered by this irrational propaganda coming from APC,” John said verbatim.

Reflecting on the heft of the allegation, the Honourable Commissioner reasoned that if his Boss, Ayade had such money he will rather invest it in projects that will entice and convince the people of Cross River State to vote for him; while also noting that, if such money was given, APC would rather be excited and keep it as a secret, “but in this case it is the same APC, the beneficiary that is using it as propaganda”.

Elder John further wondered why an incumbent governor would donate such an amount to a sitting president “that has not satisfied a higher percentage of of Nigerians and whose second term is unpredictable”.

“Is Buhari the determinant of Ayade’s victory or the electorates and INEC? If the answer is the later then Buhari Campaign Organization (BCO) does not deserve Ayade’s money. A man that has performed maximally and popular as well as widely accepted by the people cannot donate money to a presidential candidate of a party that performs less and abysmally.

“Ayade is in full support of Atiku hence as a prudent leader, he hates waste of resources. Ayade’s fate in the forth coming elections will be determined by his high profile scorecard and the good people of Cross River,” the Commissioner said.

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