The Adventure 'How I Got To Boki' was shared by a Boki visitor Darny, who visited Boki in search of a girl (Rachel Afor) whom he met on social media. 

Darny had wrote in five episodes the complete story of his visit highlighting all his experience. Have a pleasant read. 


It was four years ago, I can still recall. I know many of you will think I'm joking, but I'll tell my story anyway.

     My idea of social media fun was to come online, go to a pretty girl's inbox and unleash my wooing prowess on her. In a day, I could chat with as many as 20 random girls. My success was usually measured by the amount of phone numbers I could get. That was how I met one very beautiful girl online (Rachel Afor) who according to her, lives in Boki Local Government Area in Cross River State. I used my usual 'runs boy' antics to get her phone number. We got talking for a while, so I thought it wise to take my game to the next level.
I told her how much my feelings for her has miraculously increased.
I told her I'm dying to meet her 
I told her I'd like to come over to Boki to spend a weekend.

As usual, I lamented about how broke I am and that I'm expecting a very huge sum of money from my big Uncle. (It works all the time).
She agreed to send me #12,000 for transport and also assured me that I'll spend the weekend at her place, since she stays alone. She even bragged about how she's going to feed me fat on her local delicacies. All I needed was a different taste of "OILING" (sex), but the idea of food sounded cool too.

Anyway, TO CUT THE LONG STORY SHORT. She sent the money for transport. I wasn't surprised, she wasn't my first victim. I boarded a bus from Lagos to Boki. It was a very long journey. She called every 30 minutes to ask how the journey was going (Such a caring girl). I was just smiling anyhow, because I don hammer!!....

Finally, we arrived Boki late in the night at about 11pm or so. I alighted from the bus when we got to the park, but she was nowhere in sight as planned. I decided to try her phone line, but it wasn't going through. I kept calling her phone for almost a thousand times, still it wasn't available. By this time, it was already 12:15 am... I just stood at the bus park like a pillar of salt...Until everyone disappeared one after the other and I was the last and only man standing...


I checked my time again and it was 1:02am. My battery was already below 20%. Make I no lie, I was very scared. The whole place was dark...the shadows were beginning to form scary figures and fear started dripping down my spine. My head became so heavy as if a ghost was chilling behind me. I switched on my phone's torchlight to find my way in the dark, till I got into an old abandoned vehicle in the park. I couldn't sleep at all. My fears grew bigger, plus it was getting really cold.

For the first time in my rickety 'runs boy' life,  I went on my knees and prayed to God. I begged God to just deliver me for the night, and I promised not to be a runs boy again, but deep down in my heart, I know I wasn't serious. I enjoy being a runs boy.

One very tiny voice was laughing at me inside my mind, I didn't know if its the devil's, or if it was my guardian Angel...but the voice was saying "look at you, are you happy with yourself now? Sleeping inside an abandoned vehicle in the middle of nowhere, because of a girl..." But it's not my fault oo, you need to see Rachel. Very beautiful girl, with an angelic voice, and a curvy figure-eight-like shape like that of Nicki Minaj. 
 I wanted to pick up my phone to go through Rachael's photos again, just to see and comfort myself with her angelic face and beautiful curvy body, but I had to preserve my battery so I resorted to imagination. I imagined Rachael in every ridiculous fliterous outfits ever. I smiled sheepishly as I remembered her facebook username, #Tush_Boo_Rachel_Issa_Bae ..

Anyway, TO CUT THE LONG STORY SHORT. I had to switch off my phone to save my battery power for the next day. At first, I was angry that Rachel (my victim) was not in the park when I arrived as planned, but I was angrier because her phone line wasn't connecting. I guess she fell asleep, it wasn't her fault. She'll probably call in the morning when she wakes up. And I'm going to punish her by demanding for extra cash and extra rounds of "Oiling". I thought to myself.... I was still thinking about all the lines I'll use on Rachel that I didn't even know when I fell asleep, but I'm sure I was snoring so loud. (Is it not me again?)

In my sleep, I heard voices, I thought it was a dream, I just changed position and continued my sleep. Later, I started hearing a lot of noise, and it grew even louder... I slowly opened my eyes, and lo and behold my brethren, the park was filled with people. 

How could I have slept so long? "Ahan! Darny! Even when you sleep in your comfy bed you don't sleep till this time" I quietly rebuked myself. "Well sha, how I for do? It must be the stress from yesterday's journey"...I consoled myself. 
I checked my side but couldn't find my bag. I turned around and Nollywood's "ghenge" just played in my head, I didn't want to believe it were possible at first so I slowly searched the entire vehicle, lifting each spoilt chair one after the other but I still couldn't find my bag...I searched the entire vehicle, but couldn't find the bag. I couldn't cry. My phone was gone. The clothes I borrowed from my friends to 'coman' form slayking in Boki was gone. My ATM card, gone. I didn't know when tears fell off my eyes. 

I approached one fat man like that to explain my predicament, he looked fatherly. Have you ever poured water on a duck's back abi cocoyam leaf? Okay...That was the exact response I got from the fat fatherly looking man, he just ignored me, that I felt invisible. I thought he was even going to help me, So I approached one of the park boys instead and started narrating my story. The guy was giving me all his attention and at the point where I mentioned my missing belongings, I saw a flash of sympathy across his face, in my mind I was like "phew! Thank God!" Because he obviously was going to help, but after my narration, the "broda" called on his colleagues and was saying..."Make una come see oo. Dis yeye pipu don start again".
Before I could say a word, KPA!!! they pushed me out of the park, calling me a thief and a trouble maker...

My people, that's how I ended up in the streets of Boki...a total stranger, with No clothes to change into, No phone, No ATM card...No I.D cards, No money to eat...Just Me, Myself and I, stranded, because of "Issa Issa Mkpo" (Sex)... 

I don't even know how to start, but I must either find Rachel or return to Lagos immediately. Although the two idea seems impossible now that I've lost everything.


What's the worst thing about being stranded? Is it the aimless and abysmal wandering, or the hopelessness of hope itself? I pondered on these things. Although I have come to accept my auspicious fate, I still couldn't believe Rachel played me. "Could she be that wicked? I thought she had feelings for me?  Wasn't she the one who asked me to come to Boki? She even sent #12,000 for my transportation. What could have possibly gone wrong?...I've been sitting outside this park since morning, after those touts pushed me out of the park. Those fools that called me a thief...But why are people this wicked? So my belongings are gone oo...just like that? Chai, had it been I caught those thieves, God knows, I'd have killed someone.." 

I sat outside the park like a leprous beggar, hoping Rachel would come looking for me, but Rachel did not show up. The sun had become merciless... I couldn't tell what time it was, but I'm sure it should be about 2pm or so. The park that was once busy and noisy in the morning has now become deserted and silent like a cursed Uruan river.

The worms in my stomach had started rioting. My eyes were closing by itself. My legs were weak, and my mouth could not speak. I saw my spirit struggling to leave my body. I've never felt this kind of hunger in my entire lifetime. If someone had given me a full elephant, I swear, I would finish it, and still won't be satisfied. That was exactly the kind of hunger that struck.

I heard a voice in my spirit saying, "Darny, do you want to die? If you don't stand up from this place... Hmmmmm...I'm warning you oo...go and look for food now before you die..." I knew that was my guardian Angel talking to me. "But how will I start? Boki is a small town oo, and the people are mainly farmers and hunter. If I start begging for money, no one will answer me. But maybe If I beg for food, I might be lucky."
My People, that was how I entered the streets of Boki, begging for food from house to house. Unfortunately for me, majority of the people in the village neither speak nor understand English Language.

"This world is not my own.." I lamented.
As I walked on the streets, I wasn't even too interested in the food again. I've gotten so hungry that I don't have appetite for food anymore. All I needed was someone kind enough to give me their phone so I can log on to Facebook and send Rachel a message, or even post a status on my timeline so someone out there would know that I was in trouble.

Anyway, TO CUT THE LONG STORY SHORT...While I was still wandering on the street like someone that will die in the next hour, I met this somewhat lank; tall, slim  and rather ungraceful and awkward looking black man. He looked like someone that just escaped from Kirikiri prison. His eyes were devilish red, plus he had bizzare black lips. I walked up to him and narrated my plight to him, surprisingly, he offered to help without even asking any questions. But he said I'll have to follow him to his house. I looked at him silently for a while, my spirit does not approve sha...but what choice do I have? It'd be dark anytime soon, and I've not eaten for days... "Oga let's go. I'll follow you to your house." I said, and he gave a wicked smile and looked away. Then he brought out a 'Nokia-Torch' phone and began to make a call. He spoke in a language I do not understand, and he even reduced the sound of his voice, that I could barely hear anything he was saying. He was staring at me suspiciously while he was making the call... Then he would gently turn his face away, and look at me again. It was as if he was describing me to the person on the other end of the call. After the call, he turned to me and smiled again, but this time, like a mad pregnant woman. "I'm sorry for the delay, follow me let's go home"...he said in a calm tone. I became very scared. I didn't want to follow at first, but again, what choice do I have?

I followed him quietly like a sheep condemned to be slaughtered...


"Boki is a really lovely place, our people are friendly and hospitable." He started talking. For my mind, I be like; "Oga who ask you?  Who Boki epp?" I ridiculed him in my mind, but I dare not say a word back at him. I knew he was bringing up irrelevant gist to take my mind off the situation at hand. We walked for almost an hour, taking bends, turning right, left and right again. We walked until there were no houses again in sight. We walked in the bushy Boki environs until we were almost swallowed up by the thick bushes that rose on both sides of the road. I still followed him behind like a servant accompanying his master to exile. 

My people, the worst struck when we got to a place that looked like an entrance to a forest. Everything just played out in my head. I knew from the beginning that this man was dangerous, what I don't understand was how I followed him to that point. Abi na juju? "Oga, where exactly are we going?" I spoke in a trembling voice. My legs were wobbling on the ground like a rickety Keke tyre. Heavy sweats were dripping uncontrollably from my face. My heart was pounding, and running faster than Usain Bolt. "I want to check my traps in the forest to see if it has caught any meat," he answered without stress. What a big lie! Do I look like a fool to this man? As if I don't know that I'm the meat. "I'll wait outside here for you. I'm not going with you." I managed to speak. "You can't wait here alone, it's not safe, and it's getting dark." He fired back immediately. Egbón no oo...kolè work..(Bros, no oo...It won't work).

I just told him that I'm going back. I don't want his help again. I'd rather die on the road where my body will be found, than in a forest, where no one will care. While we were still debating, his phone rang again. He looked at me, picked the call, and spoke in Boki language. How does he even gets service in this bush? I wondered. After he was done with his call, he said, "Okay, wait here. For your own safety, don't go anywhere. If you get lost in this bush, you are gone.." Like a flash of NEPA light, he disappeared into the forest.

I don't know what happened. But I couldn't run. "Was it fear?" I couldn't say for sure. My spirits wanted me to run, but my body did not budge. "Darny run na...this is your opportunity." The tiny voice persuaded from inside of me. Still I did not run. I couldn't run.

Lo and behold, I sighted the man coming out again, with two bush meats in both hands. I rushed to help him carry one.

Anyway, TO CUT THE LONG STORY SHORT. We  walked back to town, until we got to his house. It was then I realised that the person he had been talking to over the phone was his wife. They have two children; two girls. The first daughter should be about 20 years of age, while the second should be around 17 or so. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? I know, right?

Okay, so I got a very pleasant bath and a change of clothes, for the first time since I got to Boki. The best part came, DINNER. My people, foofoo and Vegetable soup, with bush meat oo. I ate as though my life depended on it. I ate until there were no rooms left in my stomach. Truly, Boki is a very lovely place. The people are friendly and hospitable. I settled quickly like I've been here my whole life. I told them about a pathetic story of how I was kidnapped in Lagos and miraculously found myself in Boki. I can't tell them I came to look for a girl doesn't make sense.

I made the family laugh that night, especially the first daughter. Me like dis, I was seeing myself "oiling" her already. I can't come to Boki and go back just like that na. Man must whack. Abi how dem dey talk am? Body no be firewood. I noticed the mother staring daringly at me. As if she could read my mind. I just composed myself and looked away.

Finally, it was time to sleep. They gave me a separate room close to the kitchen. I laid on the bed, thinking about all that I've been through. I thought about Rachel again. I knew I shouldn't have trusted her. I can't trust girls who add #Issa_Bae to their Facebook names.
While I was still thinking, I heard the door to my room open gently. Quickly, I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. Someone walked into the room. I couldn't tell who it was at first, because the whole place was dark. The person walked towards the bed where I laid. Oh, it's the first daughter. She whispered, "Darny... Darny...are you asleep so soon?"..."yes, I'm sleeping oo." I replied sarcastically.

"Shift for me",,,she said in a magical voice that pierced through my soul.


I adjusted reluctantly, sparing only a little space for her on the small ancient spring bed. "Shift na. This space won't be enough." She protested. "Where do you want me to shift to? Can't you see that this bed is not big enough for two people?" I replied with obdurate pride, but before I could utter another sentence, PRURR!! She pushed me and forced her way comfortably into the bed. It was funny sha. I just gave a really silly smile like a mad man who has seen himself in a broken mirror.

The next few minutes were a period of silence. I laid on the bed, minding my business. She laid also, pretending to be asleep. But why are girls like this na? If they need money, they would ask without fear or a slight stench of shame. But when they are horny, and need "oiling", they will be forming Angelina Jolie. "Nsuto mkpo? Make I kukuma face wall na." I turned my back against her and faced the wall. "Won't you sleep?" She asked in a faint but sexy voice. "I thought you were sleeping oo." I replied. "I was sleeping na, until you turned and woke me." She answered. Oshey!!!! Mama the mama! Na wa oo. See me see trouble. How did I wake this girl na? I kept asking myself. 

I know what she came here for, and I won't give it to her. I'm not that guy anymore. I've learned my lessons after what Rachel did to me.
While I was still thinking, I felt her arms come across my body in a warm cuddle that sent a chill all over my spine. Finally, she has made the move. Oh! I'm dead.

I laid still, pretending not to notice her arms around me. "...Darny...touch me.." She whispered in her usual enticing tone. I felt her arms moving slowly around my thighs. She caressed my body with merciless ardour, yet I did not respond. I laid lifeless, like a corpse. She did not stop oo. She kept on caressing me; thrusting my hairs, and clasping my nipples. I tightened my eyes as I felt her severe grip on my "Issa Issa Mkpo" (Penis). At this point, my body was beginning to react to her enormous touch. "Body no be firewood oo. Darny chop this girl clean mouth na...what are you waiting for? Collect one mouth." An evil voice kept creeping from inside of me. Something kept holding me back from participating in this game of lust. I know it's wrong. But who cares? How much longer can I resist this girl and her evil antics?

I was confused. "Could this be a bad food? Awoof dey purge belle oo. If I sleep with this girl and her parents find out, I'll be pushed out of the house, and forced  back to the streets to eat from the dustbin." I thought.

"Darny, don't do it" a tiny voice persuaded inside of me. "It is wrong to defy the daughter of a man who fed, clothed and sheltered me when I had nowhere else to go. Worse still, to sleep with her in her Father's house, under his nose; marauding and ruining his daughter under his very gaze. "Haba Darny, you no get conscience?" I thought about it..I Got out of the bed and asked her to leave. She couldn't believe her eyes. I didn't believe it either. I mean, I came all the way from Lagos for this kind of 'food', and it's been served to me on a platter of gold. I felt like a coward for running away from this adventure, but I was happy. I've been a cheap boy all my life, pursuing anything that wears skirt. But this is the first time I was saying NO to a girl who wanted it. If you are a guy, and you accept just any girl that comes your way, believe it or not, you are CHEAP. Boys must learn to say NO too. From that moment, I decided never to be a cheap boy again. Even if Rachel comes now, I'd say NO. This was a significant moment in my runs-boy life.
I know many of you won't like this part of my story, but I was more interested in going back to Lagos than indulging in few silly rounds of pleasure that would definitely hook me like a bone in the neck.

Anyway, TO CUT THE LONG STORY SHORT. The next day, early in the morning. I followed the man to the forest to set traps for bush meat, then we went farming that same day with the rest of the family. It was a very stressful day, and I thought I was fast becoming a Boki boy.
About 8pm that night, this man came home from wherever he went and said he had good news for me. "What could that be?" I asked in apparent surprise. "You are going to Lagos tomorrow." He answered with so much joy. The story came as a shock to me. I didn't believe it at first. I just hoped he didn't go around borrowing money to sponsor my transportation back to Lagos. Then he continued..."I stumbled on a few Fulani travelers carrying cows from the North to Lagos in an old lorry. The lorry broke down here in Boki, but it would be in good condition by the morrow to continue on the journey to Lagos." As he narrated the story, I could see the pains in his eyes. At the mention of Fulani men, cows, and old lorry, my heart was already broken. I sat silently, watching him as he spoke. "It's the best option for now. I already told the men about you and they are willing to help you." He concluded finally.

I still couldn't say anything. I shed a few tears that night. I had no other choice. Its the only way back home for me. I deserved it, for being stupid enough to go looking for a girl I met on Social Media not minding the very long distance. You who are reading my pathetic story. I hope you don't fall a victim too. It's not okay to give all your trust to someone you only know on Social Media. No matter how sweet you think they are, employ wisdom when dealing with them.
Anyway, the next morning, I joined the Fulanis in their lorry. That was the longest and most annoying ride of my life. We stayed four days and four nights on the road, with cows. The old lorry broke down at approximately every states we passed;  Ebonyi, Abia, Imo, Anambra, Delta, Edo, Ondo, Ogun and finally Lagos. There were no visible differences between I and the Fulanis now. We fed cows together on the journey, and cleaned up their mess at intervals. It was the only way to survive the disgusting smells and faeces from the cows. We stayed fours days without bathing. Four days without good food. Four days without sleep. I became terribly sick from cold and cow stink, and the Fulanis did nothing about it. I went through all of these because of a girl I only knew on Facebook.

When I get home, I'm going to open a fake Facebook account and send Rachel a friend request. I will toast her all over again with fake cute pictures. Then I'll send her transport money and invite her to Lagos, and then I'll unleash the best retaliation on her. NONSENSE!!!

My current state couldn't let me get the name of the town I visited in Boki, But I love Boki people thanks to the family that showed me love. I'll visit Boki again! 



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