Mr. Farah Jolly is a young Nigerian Entrepreneur and Innovator with so much passion for photography. Farah is the founder of Boki Got Talent and also the chief organizer of the renowned Bansan Day Carnival and Face of Boki Beauty Pageant.

In this interview with Boki Blog, Farah Jolly shared his dreams and plan to promote the beauty and culture of the Boki Nation.

Welcome to Boki Blog Mr. Farah, can you please introduce yourself?

Farah Jolly: Am Farah Jolly, an indigene of Bansan Osokom, in Boki Local Government area, Cross River State.

Many of our readers will be hearing about Boki Got Talent for the first time - tell us a bit more about it?

Farah Jolly: Boki Got Talent is a youth initiative with the mission of promoting the beauty, culture and people of Boki and also discovering and nourishing talents through her events and programs. Like the talent hunt shows and the upcoming project (Face Of Boki Beauty Pageant) which by the Grace of God will hold come august 2019. Boki Got Talent also host community to Community peace events in Boki with the partnership of the Youths and clan heads of the communities.

What inspired you to begin Boki Got Talent?

Farah Jolly: My Love For Boki People And Culture Inspired Me. I Believe That Boki People Have Something Special To Show To The Outside World And Have What It Takes To Be Among A List Of Tourist Destinations In Nigeria. The Boki Culture Is Hidden, So I Want To Expose The Good People Of Boki, Talents And Culture Through This Initiative

What are we lacking in Boki as a nation??

Farah Jolly: The Boki Nation Is Lacking Just One Thing... Good Leaders, We Need Leaders Who Can Fight For The Interest Of Our People Not Their Own Selfish Interest.

From our survey, you are known to be an event organiser in abuja, Benue and Cross River, Do you see Boki Youths Coming Up to the challenge with Other Talents from other regions?

Farah Jolly: Boki Nation Is Blessed With Many Talents In And Outside Boki, But This Talents Are Lacking Exposure Because They Don't Have Backup Or Sponsors To Help Them Rise To The Challenge With Talents From Other Regions Or State. This Is Happening Because We Don't Have People To Stand Behind Us Or Support Us.

I Was With The TraceNaija Team For The Trace In The City Music Concert In Calabar, Saw That 50 Percent Of The Artiste That Perform That Day Are From Boki, I Began To Ask Myself "who Will Come To Our Aid" We Need To Be Heard.

If I was to give you a magic wand, what one thing would you change about Boki youths and why?

Farah Jolly: That One Thing I Will Change Is The Aspect Of Politicians Using Us Has Thugs, Turning My Sisters To Their Mistress During Their Political Meetings. Giving The Boki Youth Bad Name. Why Because It Doesn't Give Us A Good Name Or Send A Good Message To The Public. So, I Will Love Them To Know That There Is Lot Of Positivity Too In Boki Youths.

What Do you hear about Boki Youths that you don't like??

Farah Jolly: I Hear Lots Of Negative Things About Boki Youths And The One That Gets Me Thinking Is In The Area Of Thuggery And Prostitution. They Said Our Boys Are Easily Influence By Politicians To Fight For Them Or Follow Them, It Takes Just A Bottle Of Beer To Make That Work And Our Girls Know Nothing Than Sleeping With Big Men For Chicken Change. Its Painful.

What are the politicians doing for the youths of Boki?

Farah Jolly: The Politicians Are Not Doing Any Good Thing Yet For The Youth Of Boki Instead They Are Turning Them Into Thugs To Help Them Fight For Their Selfish Interest, Then Leaving Them Behind After Getting The Seats.

We've also been told that you're also the brain behind The Annual Bansan Carnival and the proposed Face of Boki Beauty pageant! Can you tell us more about it?

Farah Jolly: Yeah that's right! The Bansan Carnival Is An Event Organised By Boki Got Talent In Collaboration With The Youth And People Of Bansan Osokom To Help Bring Back The Lost Culture Of Bansan People And Boki In General, This Event Is Also Use As An Avenue To Promote Peace, Love And Togetherness Among The Boki Nation Because People Come From Far And Near To Witness The Three (3) Days Fun Pack Event.

While The Face Of Boki Beauty Pageant Is A Project After My Own Heart And Also Boki Got Talent Number One Focus In 2019. We Want To Show The World How Beautiful A Boki Wowan Is And How Intelligent And Outstanding A Boki Woman Can Be. The Face Of Boki Will Serve as An Ambassador Of The Women In Boki And Also Fight For The Girl Child, An Action We Are Still Lacking. Endorsement And Sponsorship Is The Only Thing Slowing Us Down In Unveiling The Pageant Formally But By The Grace Of God 2019 Will Not Pass Us By.

What's the capacity of your team?

Farah Jolly: I Have A Great Team, A Team Of Young And Intelligent Minds Always Ready To Sacrifice For The Growth And Development Of Boki.

What's are the sources of finance for your projects?

Farah Jolly: Personal Savings and I also Get Support From Individuals Who Love What We Do And Want To Encourage Us To Do More.

Do you need SUPPORT in any way?

Farah Jolly: Yes! We Need Support From Sons And Daughters Of Boki Nation, I Believe Together We Can Conquer And Move Boki To The Top Cos That's Where We Belong.

Our Plan To Give Out A Car And Cash Prizes To The Winners of the FACE OF BOKI BEAUTY PAGEANT is One Of Our Priority, So We Are Still Praying And Asking God To Touch Someone To Come To Our Aid And Help Us Make This A Reality. The Beauty Of A Boki Woman Needs To Be Promoted And Be Seen By The World Over.

What keeps you motivated?

Farah Jolly: God And My Faith! Because I Believe That I Can Make A Difference And Boki Will Be Great Again.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Farah Jolly: I See Myself Climbing in a Greater Height.

Tell us about your love for photography?

Farah Jolly: My Love For Photography Is Something I Can't Explain, I Enjoy Every Aspect Of Life, The Pain And The Gain. The Same Goes To Photography, because It Brings Out The Beauty In Every Story (pictures) And Send Out A Positive Message To Anyone Who Cares To Follow.

What advice do you have for young and striving entrepreneurs like you?

Farah Jolly: My Advice To Young Entrepreneurs Out There Is To Let Them Know That Nothing Good Comes Easy, They Should Believe In Themselves, Stay Focus And Pray To God For Strength To Continue When They Are Weak. They Are Going To Face A lot Of Challenges On The Way But With God And Hard work, They Will Surely Conquer.

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