Suddenly its one year since we commenced the experiment – Boki Blog, under the mother body of Boki Voice which started like a website ( It was an unconscious effort, which is gradually manifesting into something more concrete that the entire Boki nation is beginning to appreciate.

Although the level of appreciation has remained basically symbolic, Boki Blog has become a very influential and perhaps the most responsive news medium to the plight of the Boki people. No doubt, it remains the number one news medium in Boki. Until the birth of, little was known of Boki outside the shores of the nation, save for the effort of the now extinct Boki Renaissance Magazine.

Yet we are all aware of the enormous work we still have to do to elevate Boki Blog to the very pinnacle of the Nigerian media industry. Most of the work belong to you out there – indigenes of Boki, and Cross Riverians generally. The task is so enormous that we at the editorial desk cannot handle alone. We need your support for the dream to transform into something we can all be proud of.

That is not to say we are ignoring the commitment, loyalty and sense of patriotism demonstrated by some illustrious sons of Boki, who have consistently commended our efforts towards our undying service to the Boki nation and Cross River State in General.

You can patronized us by advertising on our website. Yes you can! Our advert rates are about the cheapest one can get anywhere (with 50% Discount off till 1 January 2019). You mark birthdays, anniversaries, weddings are celebrated every Saturday. Do you have a political statement you want to make or advertise your products or services? Is it thanksgiving or house warming? Boki Blog will be there to cover it, just for a token. Perhaps you need to study our rates once more to adequately appreciate what I’m trying to explain here

We need all this so that we can survive the times. The managing cost is getting higher by the day yet we cannot allow the dream to die because of that. God forbid! Come to think, the reporters who supply all the juicy stories you read need to be compensated, as we on our own won’t be able to tour the entire Boki daily to get news, and above all it is our believe that you deserve the best.

Boki Blog is one year old and we can’t beat our chests as having achieved much yet because we have a very tall dream. Like one old GSM provider would say, the dream is all about you!

We need your support!

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